Scorsese Furious at Golden Collars

Director demands a nomination for Blackie the dog, a star in his film, "Hugo."
5:43 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Scorsese Furious at Golden Collars
The canine heroes of Hugo and the artist's vying for something called the golden collar. An ABC's nick -- brings us behind the battle lines NX. Good morning George well listen Martin Scorsese's latest masterpiece Hugo is up for eleven Oscars so many I had to -- and then we're talking. Best picture best director cinematography costume -- film -- even -- -- editing for goodness sake but still Scorsese is not happy he's furious. And here's -- He's furious because -- a doberman and -- brooding presence throughout his monster piece. Wasn't even nominated for the first annual golden color awards June -- can actually -- yes. Apparently sources close to the golden callers were spreading rumors that -- had unfairly benefited. From computer animation as. I think I know where they are neck and who they are not saying anything I mean literally what -- the committee call us and say hey it was a dog CG -- Says he himself so long ignored by the academy -- to the campaign he wrote an editorial in the and -- times -- -- and nomination. -- -- your own history with a -- I mean as. Cinema lover I would say that you've been unjustly overlooked. Yes and that's one of the reasons is that one of the reasons exactly that's one of the reasons -- -- stand up to the star in this sense I drew the line here -- black. That human stars of the movie are Hugo and George met -- who actually did exist pioneer -- cinema but he was re discovered. And he lived to see. -- we're -- -- -- -- Actually go after the interview began to pull apart Lackey was -- them both of us let me go and -- -- he's got. The whole its ultimate and -- my entire arms drenched. Italian. League probably ruined what was -- for gave her the cleared and he explained what really. This award season. We all know vibrant and -- we all know I'd last seen waiting under the treaty and the picture I mean all is heartbreaking beautiful dogs all heroes. But black he has to play a really tough character. I think that. What happened here inspection -- golden collar situation going cholera -- is that because that part that she played -- she played brilliantly she was. -- -- Because of being the anti hero. It was a tough year for canine best -- terrible with a deep in the artist. Scorsese admires -- work that's not. -- he's a scholar. Canine acting. In the case of the tribute to see this film -- -- told the there's a -- -- -- which looks a little like excuse. It's a little left. She gets a little upset when I mentioned but. The dog is brilliant particularly the last sequence in the film. You are well known for developing close relations with human actors Robert Niro Leonardo DiCaprio. Is is Latino in that stable. -- I think so certainly -- -- you have Robert De Niro playing like or go back thirty years or so taxi driver raging bull. And you have DiCaprio playing very dark character like Howard Hughes -- had don't Daniel Day-Lewis and -- gangs of New York for example. And this -- in the line up that sort of approach I would say two film acting in film characters are. Think -- he's being serious. Did you go black he plays a police dog to Sacha baron Cohen's police man. Similarly angular features they developed similar. Had to. It's and expressions. She hasn't really like to talk about session -- much appreciate to carry him a lot in the picture. -- There are two other dogs in Hugo Texans also -- in award season justifiably. -- and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's where they are. You want us bar -- it. Dogs and besides Scorsese was drawn to this tailed by little Hugo an orphan boy who speaks in the -- Kind of identify with the little boy the isolated boy. -- when -- had asthma from the age of three on 1946. Could not play any sports -- could not be near any animals I could not going to hear anything Green. I was always kept in Rome time taken to doctors and into the movies. He was inspired to make a movie -- started life as a book by Brian Selznick he was inspired. By his -- I have a twelve year old daughter. You know she said she really loved the book -- -- -- book and my wife did say you know let's make a film actor toward the -- for once tell me your daughter likes it. She she donation of five times I should get to see a few more times -- -- -- -- -- What a lovely man I'm sure -- don't rule -- -- another fifty times but listen back to the golden callers they were announced this week in Los Angeles. Ugly that means you not from the artist one but lacking -- she's -- -- four years old maybe a few more sympathetic characters in the future maybe. George a lifetime achievement -- They had all that time was Scorsese really been really bright -- -- take this personally. You know the best thing -- -- that his name Scorsese means scotsman and he's -- that he's not actually from Sicily he's got Scottish genes in one of my people. That is great -- he did a great job thanks very much don't forget to tune in an Oscar Sunday February 26 of 7 eastern 4% -- right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Director demands a nomination for Blackie the dog, a star in his film, \"Hugo.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15712968","title":"Scorsese Furious at Golden Collars","url":"/GMA/video/martin-scorsese-furious-golden-collar-awards-hugo-blackie-snub-15712968"}