Md. Attorney General Was 'Reading Text' at Teen Party

Doug Gansler is under fire for a photo showing him at a party with underage drinking.
1:22 | 10/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Md. Attorney General Was 'Reading Text' at Teen Party
Maryland's attorney general who is running for governor now admits he made a mistake by not stopping teenagers from drinking at a beach party. Abc's jim avila confronted him about the pictures and the firestorm. Reporter: A photo, maryland's top cop, doug gansler would love to forget and never wanted in "the baltimore sun." The attorney general, right in the middle of teenage partiers, celebrating their high school graduation. There may have been college students or others drinking beer. I just don't know. I should have assumed there was drinking going on. And I got that wrong. Reporter: Some at the delaware shore's beach week party admit to underage drinking. Yet, this would-be governor in an interview with "the baltimore sun" questioned whether he had moral authority to stop him. He said no. Quite a different tune from this public service announcement. Parents, you are the leading influence on your teen's decision not to drink. Reporter: Did you set a good example, of going into a party. Participating in a party. I'm walking through. Reporter: It shows you taking a picture. I did not take any pictures. Reporter: Is that your hand on a cell phone taking a picture? That's my hand. My guess is I'm reading a text. Reporter: A second picture appears to show the would-be governor staring at more than his phone. I should have probably been more observant and determine if there was drinking going on. Reporter: Jim avila, abc news, washington.

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{"id":20680409,"title":"Md. Attorney General Was 'Reading Text' at Teen Party","duration":"1:22","description":"Doug Gansler is under fire for a photo showing him at a party with underage drinking.","url":"/GMA/video/maryland-attorney-general-doug-gansler-caught-teen-party-20680409","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}