Massachusetts Coupled Killed in Mansion Murder

A well-known developer and his wife were gunned down outside Boston.
2:13 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Massachusetts Coupled Killed in Mansion Murder
-- that shocking murder mystery just outside of Boston a well known developer and his wife gunned down in their mansion. The wealthy suburb. The questions this morning about. Who could have been behind it. ABC from Davis joins us with the very latest from the so -- it is. Really tragic good morning -- Robin for most of the day yesterday the exclusive neighborhood in Andover Massachusetts was locked down as investigators search for clues. And -- you mention this the husband and -- bodies were discovered by their daughter. Who's there to drop off her children. Overnight police comb through this million dollar mansion. Probing for clues in the double murder of John -- a prominent real estate developer and his wife Geraldine. Early Wednesday the wealthy couple's bodies were discovered gunned down on the first floor of their sprawling estate. The incident appears to be isolated and isolated act. In the circumstances lead us to believe. But there is no -- the threat to the end of the community. And affluent community in the Boston suburbs and a safe one which makes this violent murder all the more shocking. Police are releasing few details in this mysterious case. The front door was found unlocked the family dog steel inside and the couple's Lexus SUV found torched 25 miles away. In an area known for mob activity. This morning police are still searching for clues and warning about any specifics -- -- compromise our investigation. Investigators won't say whether there were signs of a robbery or a struggle inside the home. Police did say however that there was no history of trouble at the -- resident. The house side erupting once -- my parents bought from him I know you know so long -- live -- -- a great things about 69 year old -- was known for his forty plus years in the construction business. Where he ran one of the most lucrative development companies in Andover musical video from the seventies through. Maybe the late nineties news developer build it and well liked. Now police say it's too soon to say -- this is a double murder or a murder suicide an autopsy the bodies is now scheduled to take place this was the first murder of an Andover resident. In almost a decade -- -- and to thank you very much.

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{"id":15160431,"title":"Massachusetts Coupled Killed in Mansion Murder","duration":"2:13","description":"A well-known developer and his wife were gunned down outside Boston. ","url":"/GMA/video/massachusetts-coupled-killed-mansion-murder-15160431","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}