Massive Winter Snow Storm Sweeps Through US

Rob Nelson and Lee Goldberg track the latest weather throughout the nation.
3:00 | 12/15/13

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Transcript for Massive Winter Snow Storm Sweeps Through US
Wow what a wintry mess it is this morning. So -- to tell you about as much of the nation is digging out from that major and very messy storm. Blaming legal -- -- -- system is a monster wrapping up to a foot of snow and twenty states a third of America from Missouri all the way to Maine. ABC's rob Nelson is in Boston for us this morning -- good morning. -- words -- -- -- just a few hours ago it was snowing pretty heavily here in Boston but. After that fast moving system -- right through here vastly temperatures went up well above freezing right now announce pretty much of cold steady drizzle which means one thing. All of this know that you're seeing right now. -- -- into you guessed -- a bunch of slot. This morning residents and almost two dozen states are digging Elvis though it is blanketed almost 1000 miles of the US. Do but it it's -- as buffalo earlier Barnett has no sooner letter from Missouri to Maine and every major city between the snow accumulations. Anywhere from an inch to over a foot. Creating hazardous traveling conditions ten people killed on the roads in Missouri since Friday -- or Blackberry now prominently here. You can see the road over nine a charter bus in Newark slid into a bridge causing major damage sending twelve passengers to the hospital and at least. Three massive multi car wrecks this week alone. A forty car pile up in Michigan including two police vehicles blamed on snow and speed. -- got my daughter and I are OK we just. Sites let me and just kept. And gone over 12100 flights grounded due to the wicked weather the snow turning to sleet and freezing rain in the east. We rode out the storm in Boston throughout the night not too bad just get this passed. A good example if so it'd have to have periods of now there is more. Perfect amount from -- that snowball. But none of this wintry mess stop the youngsters from enjoying the snow. Now the good news here is that this storm system is almost out of our hair basically it's a problem only now for northern New England the bad news though is that all of this. Slush and snow UCL here well more cold air about the -- would leave all of this good once again soon be ice could be dangerous out there. The other folks seem to be taking it in stride at least for now -- -- warm thank you. So what else can we expect from this massive winter storm and what about those reported tornadoes hitting -- apple WABC's chief meteorologist legal organs tracking -- all and leave those tornadoes were actually part of the same system. Same system very dynamic -- you name it this storm had just remarkable from snow to rain and -- and even the tornado we'll get to that in a moment where -- the storm now. It's actually approaching cape caught start clearing in the New York area slushy mess. In New York a deep blanket of powder in Albany happens with a snow in Boston but now it's about a foot to fall across northern New England some amounts. The story Illinois double digit snowfall Chicago -- -- New York five inches. And Boston coming in officially with six inches of snow fall the storm again moves into northern owing at a -- today cold into the backside -- tonight. Big problem for the Monday morning commute and the lake snow machines. Get going again. The southern part of the system there was a squall line that went through northern Florida last evening look what it did a tornado touched down unconfirmed weather service will go out and survey. But it was a storm that -- -- snapped pine trees and seriously damaged at least half a dozen homes this is very rare in December but if it's gonna happen it does happen in this part of the country so what's happening after this storm in terms of the cold and we'll also talk. A bottle will warm up a little easing of this brutal -- across much of the country that's coming up. In -- whether that's. That I am looking forward to -- thank you.

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{"id":21224511,"title":"Massive Winter Snow Storm Sweeps Through US","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Nelson and Lee Goldberg track the latest weather throughout the nation.","url":"/GMA/video/massive-winter-snow-storm-sweeps-us-21224511","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}