Matt Damon reveals touching reason he loves the holidays

The "Downsizing" actor said his favorite holiday tradition is his family's "all being together" because "everybody works hard" and deserves to relax at the end of the year.
5:31 | 12/12/17

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Transcript for Matt Damon reveals touching reason he loves the holidays
They're excited and we are extremely excited about our next guest. The megamovie star who downsized for his new film. Please welcome the big man himself, Matt Damon. Yeah, you bet. How are you? Nice to see you. Hi, robin. Nice to see you. How are you doing? Hey. What's up? How are you? Man, I'm good. Woop. Woop. I'm sorry. I have no voice. I was yelling at my television last night. The patriots. I was watching thinking about you too. I know you were. Of course. You said to me earlier in the year, you know, we were talking off camera and I told you we were going all the way and you said, no, you're no the. I still disagree. Well, I wanted to dash your hopes too. We love it when you're here. It's the holiday season. You're a family man, wife, kids. Holiday traditions in your house. You know, it's for us it's just about all being together. Like that is the -- you know, everyone works hard and it's like just get everybody together at the end of the year is the most important. Ah. I didn't say it for that reason. Hold on. I really -- really mean it. That is what I look forward to the most. Good. Let's talk about the movie "Downsizing" pretty inventive idea, get shrunk in order to help the environment and help people with tough economic times. The dumbest idea ever. Yeah, but if you can make that thought leap, right, and accept that one idea then the whole movie makes sense and it's a satire obviously. Not meant to be literal but it's -- you know, the movie -- I'm as proud as anything I've ever been a part of. Let's show everybody. I see you've decided to join us. Is this -- Welcome to leisure land. Can you tell me your name. It's Paul. I bet you're hungry. Oh, my god. Isn't that cute? Before he downsizes he packs away his prize possessions like his wedding band and wondered what would you pack away if you were going to do something like this? You know, I don't have -- there's not a lot of stuff -- I'd pack my kids away. But material stuff, I mean, I guess maybe my wedding band. I guess that's about it but, yeah, I'm -- I'm not attached to stuff. Can we get another ah. This is going to be the most nauseating interview ever. Cut it out. Cut it out. I'm curious would you rather be downsized. Would you rather live on Mars alone like a Martian or would you rather be chased around the world like Jason Bourne? At least if I did the Jason Bourne thing at least I could travel. I think I'd do that, yeah, yeah. Versus being downsized. The Mars thing, that always felt kind of bleak like being alone like the existential. I think that would be probably the worst of the above, you know, just to be alone. Definitely. That alone. You weren't alone in this one. You had a great cast with you and golden globe, one of your co-stars. Hung Chao. She's amazing. She was great. She's great like honestly like one of the most kind of professionally exciting moments for me in the last five years was seeing her screen test and going, oh, my god. Had you worked with Alexander Payne before. No, I had been chasing him for like 20 years. He's amazing. He's amazing. He never made a movie I didn't love and he directed "Sideways" and "About smartphone -- "About Schmidt." "Ocean's eight." I do appear in the movie but this is the women's movie so, you know, it's a cameo and, in fact, somebody asked me yesterday said there's this text chain going around with all the women, you know. Are you on it? And I said, no, I guess the boys aren't on the text message. Did you guys used to do that and I said we didn't have texting. What! We made that movie, you know, we made that movie a hundred years ago. Pony express back then. Exactly. We mailed each other letters. But you know what, we love having you here, man. Lucky to have you in your regular size, not downsize. Still not as big as you, man. But I got to say -- Listen, I'm just saying has anyone seen "Magic Mike xxl"? I'm just saying. You know what, I'll get you back for that one. Don't you worry bit and good luck to your patriots. Thank you. I didn't mean that. I really didn't. I didn't mean that. But, you know, "Downsizing" hits theaters December 22nd. Make sure you go out and check it out, Matt Damon, everybody.

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{"id":51730980,"title":"Matt Damon reveals touching reason he loves the holidays","duration":"5:31","description":"The \"Downsizing\" actor said his favorite holiday tradition is his family's \"all being together\" because \"everybody works hard\" and deserves to relax at the end of the year. ","url":"/GMA/video/matt-damon-reveals-touching-reason-loves-holidays-51730980","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}