Damon Rents Resort to Renew Wedding Vows

People Magazine's Larry Hacket discusses the star's plans and the possibility of a woman in the NBA.
2:26 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Damon Rents Resort to Renew Wedding Vows
-- -- a real love story on the his relationship with his wife seems very solid and in fact they want to. Do it all over again next and I do. Is one of these guys who has maintained his movie stardom without any of the pitfalls of using the fall movie stars right you don't seem -- on the red carpet he has four children and now he's. Decide to we -- his houses like Lucy and other the graduate -- in the Caribbean next month. A lot of celebrity friends will be -- Sylvia celeb studded events battle see them offering contradictory things are had a real misstep -- he he came into the business almost looks so mature already. Right he knew it takes he knows it takes to become a movie star he does the red carpet when he needs to -- but this behavior in the kind of -- falls all the things that we somebody's doing enough they're renting out the entire resort absolutely and that's. It is not accessible. Actually we don't these kids in the papers we don't see is mess in the paper and of course he's made good -- -- -- he thought was he's part of a good teammate and great times that we insects and about five years ago and no one was all lover he sent again. The -- -- I love -- that Avis I love that we Atlantic gets two more things I love this idea -- and a woman in the and the way Brian -- tell us what you. You know well you know well Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks who say he may either -- in the second round or he may have accomplished summer tryout. I think people who know basketball. I think the odds are very very high -- that's great about this. What is she goes -- -- -- -- -- or not they are making her star everybody in the next -- it's -- brittney -- is -- go to try -- and was gonna watch which he -- -- -- going to live NBA they have it already made store so very not a publicity says Graham and that's what it might. I don't think I don't think so because she isn't she's six days you know he's had over 700 blogs do you think there's a little -- -- I think the fact that Mark Cuban is as open minded. -- and if the young woman could. Try out for being a place -- we know how that went all right that's ranked rider -- got to I think -- you can make it in the NBA probably not until I think this team has say has earned the right into the shot only diminish her three. -- -- -- -- Yeah she's that good. If it becomes Bobby Riggs Billie Jean King that's a bad but I had a blanket that I think it will elevate women's basketball that's good for the school and we we need to get to a really big announcement you wanna share with us yes People Magazine in Major League Baseball are teaming up again to honor heroes -- here it's called tribute to heroes -- to honor our returning armed service veterans if you -- -- -- for heroes dot com. The idea here is. You get to nominate three people based on your favorite MLB baseball talk. All the normal.

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{"id":18879771,"title":"Damon Rents Resort to Renew Wedding Vows","duration":"2:26","description":"People Magazine's Larry Hacket discusses the star's plans and the possibility of a woman in the NBA.","url":"/GMA/video/matt-damon-wife-rent-entire-resort-renew-wedding-18879771","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}