Matt LeBlanc Stars as Matt LeBlanc in 'Episodes'

The "Friends" star reveals how much of himself is really in his on screen persona.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Matt LeBlanc Stars as Matt LeBlanc in 'Episodes'
For ten years he was one of our best friends on TV. Now, Matt leblanc is enjoying success yet again playing himself, well, sort of in showtime's hit series "Episodes." We'll take a -- we'll talk to Matt in just a moment but first take a look at "Episodes." You no he that guy who got my part in the NBC pilot? Oh. Just had a kickboxing accident. Paralyzed! Oh, my god. Temporarily but long enough that he can't do the pilot. The man is paralyzed! Temporarily. Jesus. Be happy for me for once. We are back, baby. And we're delighted that he is back, Matt is here with us this morning. Thank you. Oh, boy. Down in back, Kevin spacey. He started the standing ovation. You play yourself as I said sort of in "Episodes." So kind of explain to people how that shakes out. Let's see. It's a scripted version of myself which I got to say is much more interesting than the real thing. You said that when you won the golden globes, congratulations, for this role that you had. Thanks, yeah if a couple of years ago and you said that you are more interesting, the character is, but is there something about it that you pull from in your real life? Well, you know, it's just like loose parallel of my life so they can pull the fact that I was on "Friends" so they make references to that and there's enough real references about it that people wonder, is that what he's really like? Is that what he's not? What's the real deal, so it's been kind of fun to sort of dodge those questions and kind of keep it vague. Yeah, sagetly like that and you know something you've done so cute a perception of you because of your character and your character joey you're not right and you actually use that to your advantage in real life, haven't you? I don't understand. Yeah, you know, it gives me an Exactly. Do you have people that come up and think you are truly the characters that they see? Yes, sometimes people will speak slowly to me and they think, oh, well, you're not -- you look like you're tired or because I'm not so big and excited but it's kind of fun to see. I guess it's a good thing that they're believing what I'm doing. You're a good actor. You're a great actor. Well. Thanks. What does get you all excited, the writers and producers. This is what really brought you back to work with these guys again. Yeah, Jeffrey and David called me out of the blue and said they had an idea and I said, I'm in and they said, well, do you want to hear it first? I said, well, okay, sure and they pitched me this idea and I thought it was great, you know, and I had a reservation in the beginning about playing myself. I wasn't really sure what that would me and they said, well, you know, we're not making a documentary so it'll be, you know what you're comfortable with and what you're not comfortable with and we'll take it one step at a time and it's been -- it's been great and sort of come full circle to now they're protecting me from myself. I'm the one that's pitching, well, what if we did this and they'll say, no, no, no we don't want to turn people off. You can't do that. Let's not show that side of you. Really great you have that trust there and so it makes you be able to take a few more chances because you know you got each other's backs. It's like working with family again much you know, they did all ten years of "Friends" so it's been really nice to be like working with my uncles again. You know what I mean so gifted writingwise. That's clear and you bring up "Friends." I can't believe 20 years ago it started. It's been off the air for ten years, you know what everybody asks, is there going to be a movie, a reu yon, get back together at any point? Yeah, I really don't see that happening. If it is happening nobody's told me about it, first offall. But "Friends" was about a finite period in your life where college is over and your life hasn't really started yet. It's that sort of window where you're figuring it all out and I think to go and see -- this is just my opinion -- I hi to go and see those characters now at, you know, older and things like that, I think it's like that old saying, the book is better than the movie. Ooh, yeah. I don't think we don't want to see Chandler pushing the stroller or at a soccer game, you know what I mean, because their lives aren't together anymore. They've all moved and -- Seeing joey, you know, because we -- you're right. Kind of want to remember joey how he was. Better than to see him still an out of work actor and nothing going on. You got -- Matt leblanc got a lot going on. Congratulations for all your continued success and coming in this morning. We appreciate that. "Episodes." Thank you. Airs Sunday nights on

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{"id":22562544,"title":"Matt LeBlanc Stars as Matt LeBlanc in 'Episodes'","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Friends\" star reveals how much of himself is really in his on screen persona.","url":"/GMA/video/matt-leblanc-interview-2014-actor-stars-matt-leblanc-22562544","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}