Matthew Broderick on Broadway, Son's Aspirations

Actor chats about his role on "Nice Work if You Can Get It," goals of his son, James.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Matthew Broderick on Broadway, Son's Aspirations
Very excited for our next guest. Tony award winning actor currently starring in the hit broadway musical, nice work if you can get it. Please welcome the one and only matthew broderick. Hello. whoo! And I imagine -- that's one of the great things about broadway, maybe as opposed to film, is this every night. The response, the connection. The real people. I don't know if you're real -- congratulations on the success. Tell us about the show and the character you play. It's called "nice work if you can get it." It's mostly a comedy with g gerschwin songs, many you've heard, made into a new story. I play a near do well, playboy, very wealthy, named jimmy winter. It's a wonderful story with kelly o'hara. Judy kay, wonderful cast. They won tony awards too. Let's take a look. This is a little slice. ♪ Just imagine someone waiting at the cottage door ♪ ♪ where we become one ♪ ♪ who could ask for anything more ♪ you're doing so many shows. I love your advice on that. You sound so good, so smooth. I'm not sure that was me. The pipes -- these songs are pretty kind of mellow. So it hasn't been terribly hard on anybody's voice. Do you play with the role, since you're doing it, you're inhabiting this character all of the time? Eight shows a week? Eight shows a week. If you saw it twice, you would definitely see some differences. You might see my mind wander once in a while, but most -- no, we're all very tuned in, and we all try to change things a little bit. Mostly to keep each other entertained. Yeah. It's grueling. Ahe audience. We like to entertain the audience. We both have kids at home. We have kids at home, two under 4. They don't really care that you're really tired. No. How do you balance it all? Well, this summer's been -- they're not in the city. So I go there sunday night, and then I come back tuesday, so i have like a day and a half with them a week. And that -- those day and a halves are dad, dad, dad, dad, look, look, look, look, come this way, I want to show you this, I want to show you this. I want to show you this. Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad. I think every parent can relate to that. I of course like them, that's nice. They're very cute. Fortunately they're very cute kids. We're glad to hear you like your children. I do. If I didn't it would be a nightmare. As a guy, you've inhabited many character, "the war games" I did love. Obviously "ferris bueller," i did love. And we got to see him again. Old sports guy, watching the super bowl, and we see him again. What went into doing that commercial? A lot. Months of planning, it took a week to shoot, 30 seconds. It took a little longer than that, if you watch it online. There's a longer version. Did you want to do it? When they say hey, we want you to be "ferris bueller again. First I would say i automatically don't do that. That's a long time ago. There could be something sad about that. Yeah. But they were -- it was a really good director and they really loved that movie, and so do i. It seemed like a nice chance to do a little tribute and just have fun with it. You know. That's awesome. They really are. You were the star of the super bowl. You were one of the most-watched commercials. I think I really was the star of the super bowl. I think you were. I think you scored two touchdowns too. That's very well put. I also scored a couple of touchdowns. Hey, everybody, it's a great show here on broadway. He is matthew broad rick [

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{"id":17021955,"title":"Matthew Broderick on Broadway, Son's Aspirations","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor chats about his role on \"Nice Work if You Can Get It,\" goals of his son, James.","url":"/GMA/video/matthew-broderick-broadway-sons-aspirations-17021955","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}