Maureen Orth on Tom Cruise, Scientology Wife Audition Article

Author discusses her Vanity Fair article about Tom Cruise's alleged girlfriend auditions.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Maureen Orth on Tom Cruise, Scientology Wife Audition Article
But first, let's get right to the new details emerging from that blockbuster article in the october issue of "vanity fair." It claims the church of scientology allegedly auditioned possible love interests for superstar actor, tom cruise. We'll speak with the author of that article in a moment. But first, here's linsey davis with the background. Reporter: Bombshell details, allegations that the church of scientology used videotaped auditions to find cruise, not only a devout scientology, but a drop-dead, beautiful true believer to share his life. According to "vanity fair," they found that person. A believer they thought could actually wear the glass slippers. Nazanin boniadi, an iranian-born, london-raise, 24-year-old actress. According to the article, boniadi underwent a month-long vetting process, asked to reveal her inner-most secrets. Including every detail about her sex life. There's reports that the church told her to darken her hair, to emphasize her ethnicity. And encouraged her to break up with her boyfriend, who she was reportedly hoping to marry. Then, the article says in 2004, boniadi flew first-class to new york, to meet her dream date. Dining at upscale sushi restaurant, nobu. And private ice skating at rockefeller center. Orth reports that boniadi and cruise were inseparable. But he also began to groom her. According to orth, the relationship began to hit sour notes when boniadi wasn't as publicly affectionate as cruise would like. And that she wasn't as respectful of david miscavige, the leader of the church of scientology. The relationship with cruise ended abruptly in 2005. Representatives for cruise say the report is false. And a spokesman for scientology says, there's no project, secret or otherwise, ever conducted by the church to find a bride. The allegation and the entire premise of the "vanity fair" article is totally false. For "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. And for more, now, we turn to the author of that piece in the october issue of "vanity fair," special correspondent for "vanity fair," maureen orth. Maureen, good morning. Good to have you here. Thank you. The first question I have to ask, is why does tom cruise need help getting a date? One wouldn't think he would. He didn't want just a date. He wanted a soul mate in scientology. And he's been considered by the head of the church, he's been called the second-most important person in the religion. He wanted someone or they wanted someone that he could feel very comfortable with and be his soul mate in the religion. According to your sources, did he know the church was launching this special campaign to find him this soul mate, as you call it? According to my sources, and she was vetted very, very carefully for a month. I do believe he was very much aware it was going on. Or he certainly had heard about her. By the time he met her, he did know all about her. One point, you write that she was hold to darken her hair to heighten her ethnicity. Was that -- he wanted somebody beautiful but also a brunette? Well, he just -- his last girlfriend just before her was penelope cruz. I have no idea. We asked tom cruise, I asked tom for an interview. And he refused. So, you're going to have ask him that. According to your sources, things have run foul with both penelope cruz and tom's second wife, nicole kidman. Why? What was lacking in them? One of the reasons I was told by my sources, I don't know the ins and outs of the whole relationship. But one of the things that the church was very upset about was the fact they did not seem to be completely all-in about the religion. And penelope cruz had made a statement that she felt that a lot of religions were important. And buddhism was part of it. And nicole had really drifted away from the church entirely. And during his years of marriage to nicole, according to my sources, he had really sort of drifted away, too. So, then, they embarked, the church embarked, on a very intense process of having him be audited on a daily basis for almost a year, to bring him back into the fold. Obviously, the church completely denies any sort of campaign. Yes. Tom cruise's denials could not be more categorical. Well, my sources -- it would be very hard for the number of people I talked to on the record, to have corroborated the intense amount of detail that is in the story, to have made that up out of whole cloth. We have vetted this story. We've legally checked it. We've done everything possible. And I feel very, very comfortable with the story. Why did this actress, nazanin boniadi fit the bill? First of all, she was beautiful. And she was very much an eager, eager scientologist. And she was told that she was being chosen for a mission that was really going to help save the world. And that she would be meeting dignitaries. And it was very important for her to look good and to be worldly. So, she had no idea when it began, according to what I was told, that this was going to end up meeting tom cruise. You write that they started dating while tom cruise was shooting "war of the worlds" here in new york. Correct. You write, "the two were practically inseparable. And soon, she was head over-heels in love. Once he even complained she wasn't sufficiently demonstrative. Quote, I get more love from an extra than I get from you. If he was this public in his affections for three months while they were dating, why haven't we seen any pictures of the two of them together? I asked the same question. And I was told there were some pictures. But at the end of the relationship, they were taken away. And they no longer exist. I don't know anymore than that. You write that the relationship ended abruptly after three months. And three months later, tom cruise was dating katie holmes, who wasn't a scientologist, whose parents were highly skeptical of the church of scientology. Why did katie holmes past muster? You'd have to ask tom and katie that question. I've met tom. And he's an incredibly charming man. Very charismatic. He's one of the most charismatic person on th planet. It would be easy to fall in love with him. Tom cruise on the record, has completely denied the story. But, boy, is this article making waves. Maureen orth, thank you for being here this morning. Thank you. And "20/20" will have a special on the romance in hollywood, including the loves of tom cruise. That's friday at 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central here on abc.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Author discusses her Vanity Fair article about Tom Cruise's alleged girlfriend auditions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17158290","title":"Maureen Orth on Tom Cruise, Scientology Wife Audition Article","url":"/GMA/video/maureen-orth-tom-cruise-scientology-wife-audition-article-17158290"}