Max Wades Escape Attempt Ends in Failure

Two suspects are on the run after a failed attempt at busting the teenager out of juvenile hall.
3:00 | 08/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Max Wades Escape Attempt Ends in Failure
The brazen breakout attempts trying to -- a daredevil teen -- out of juvenile hall. Two suspects on the loose for trying to re Max -- the teen charged with trying to steal celebrity chef guy -- -- Lamborghini last year. ABC's John Mueller is here with more on the -- went -- Good morning -- out of this one already read like a movie script teenagers fast cars a daring theft a celebrity victim. And now comes complete with an ill fated jailbreak of sorts all on the very day -- -- juvenile turns eighteen and becomes an adult. They used bolt cutters to -- -- to perimeter -- -- and a sledgehammers. Smash in the cell window. A brazen attempted bust out at a Bay Area juvenile detention center. On the other side of the window and still in custody Max wade who turned eighteen yesterday. And was scheduled to be transferred to adult jail wade also happens to be the daredevil teen -- who made national headlines when police say he stole the 200000. Dollar Lamborghini but it garlic. Belonging to celebrity chef -- The window is his big enough where a body can go through but again the -- with a sledgehammer. I would say at least 1520 times. The steel reinforced windows held in the would be jail breakers fled the scene although there's no evidence wade planned the failed -- police say he knows a thing or two about -- Gittens. In the Lamborghini heist cops say the -- propelled into a San Francisco exotic car dealership cuts through a -- And slipped away in the hot rod. Cops found guy theories Lamborghini and a storage shed along with false IDs a police scanner police uniform and badge the teenager is quite a reputation in the -- for Cisco area he's also charged in a drive by shooting. He's currently facing two charges of attempted murder each of those charges carry. Maximum term imprisonment for 35 years to life. No Lamborghini is in no more juvenile detention wade got a new address for his eighteenth birthday the county jail bolt cutters and sledgehammers not likely to work -- either mean bad news indeed for the suspects on the -- who tried to -- into the juvenile facility there are plenty of surveillance cameras there are police looking at those pictures now investigators are also -- review the record conversations Max -- May have had with some of this visitors. Stay tuned on this -- -- don't understand exactly -- -- screenplay guy who relishes -- all right John thank you.

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{"id":16984215,"title":"Max Wades Escape Attempt Ends in Failure","duration":"3:00","description":"Two suspects are on the run after a failed attempt at busting the teenager out of juvenile hall.","url":"/GMA/video/max-wades-escape-attempt-ends-failure-16984215","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}