Mayor of Texas town tells evacuated residents not to return home at this time

Coastal cities devastated by Hurricane Harvey face a long road to recovery.
3:19 | 08/27/17

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Transcript for Mayor of Texas town tells evacuated residents not to return home at this time
And Rockport Texas by the way as we talk what all of these different towns different areas in Texas. That have been hit and are still feeling the affects what it was ground zero when Harvey came ashore with merciless fury. As well as neighboring port Iran says the mayor there telling people who evacuated do not come back home at this time. And ABC's Mack avenue was able to reach both of those communities and has more. This morning the first look at each shattered Porter Frances B Deloitte storm stumping through this beach county. Downtown looked like he'd been picked up shaken. It's smashed down votes hurled into this gas station and endless strip of destruction. Tell why there was a mandatory evacuation order in this town because anybody who had been in this mobile home park. Would likely not have survived. ABC news was the first network TV inside the disaster zone yesterday evening driving through those desolate streets the few holdouts watched it happen. The bottoms of the trailers are our centenary and the cops aren't even there and we don't where Diana. If you mobile homes that remain are either toppled flipped over her completely mangled. But it's what you don't see it might be more disconcerting that is mobile homes simply couldn't lifted up by the power of that storm and long. So far away. Harvey also blasting through the town of Rockport. It's 8700 people right in the storms bullseye weeds here topping 130. Miles per hour. These Storm Chasers clipped by debris. The light of day revealing need beach town bird waste land. Roads they'll clogged with power poles live wires in rows of RVs flipped on their sides like children's toys. And everywhere water the reign of relentless Saturday. Officials say one person was killed this city had pleaded with residents to flee. If the surf on earth for your carrier. They stayed anyway hundred streaming into this elementary school the air we met the Sean hunt and Zach hearing. He's running the show goes on among us people that we put a system in place. They showed us in sign it if you're walking the homeowner can't everywhere you look who obviously there's no confusion. All this water that time. Group of tweaking and this is the safest place in town. Pretty they've done what they could let city need help me. Defense we need blankets heating water we need sanitary products. We need oxygen leading medical supplies we need a lot of. Like so many here. Hunt he's worried about her home. Payments I'm getting out so I'm hoping. I ask them. In moments ago I spoke at the county judge he said there are still people trapped in neighborhoods. Just north of here they're going to be ongoing search and rescue operations all day today. What a major complicating factors these towns are completely. Cut off from the world there is no cell phone coverage is no Internet there are no landline sky's the only way to get communication in and out of here. Is literally to drive out of these towns. The enemy but that's why it's important that your they're getting that story out hopefully people who are positioned to help are seeing what you're reporting Matt thank you various satellite that's the only way yeah thank you Matt very much.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Coastal cities devastated by Hurricane Harvey face a long road to recovery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49447914","title":"Mayor of Texas town tells evacuated residents not to return home at this time","url":"/GMA/video/mayor-texas-town-tells-evacuated-residents-return-home-49447914"}