ABC News Investigation: What's In Your Breakfast?

Brian Ross investigation prompts McDonald's to look for a new egg supplier.
3:13 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for ABC News Investigation: What's In Your Breakfast?
McDonald's is searching for new source of eggs this morning -- -- popular -- -- -- after McDonald's became aware of the results of the ABC news exclusive investigation you're about to say. ABC's Brian Ross is here with the shocking undercover look at where your breakfast may be coming from. Morning Brian. Well good morning Robin sparkle farms as the country's fifth largest egg producer a big supplier from McDonald's another huge brand name clients. But it's also place now under fire from the Food and Drug Administration. And animal rights groups who have provided a rare inside look at the 21 century version of the henhouse. It's been 35 years since McDonald's first introduced the -- must now an American food -- -- made with a fresh gray day. I knew its commercials show the source of those -- as a place were chickens and freely around the barn the reality is much different. Almost all of McDonald's bags come from huge closely guarded operations including this woman and -- It's -- farms a so called factory far. But -- a -- it is to be seen on the outside. And signs warn that no cameras are allowed inside -- factory farm industries would prefer to operate in secrecy without scrutiny. But now a rare look inside -- both provided by the animal rights activist group mercy for -- Showing unsanitary conditions and animal cruelty too graphic to people. Of greatest concern to health experts insects rodents. Cage after cage -- dead birds the very factors that could spread deadly Salmonella. That's a public health threat based on what we're seeing him -- and not in compliance with the loss to the breaking the law. -- produces hundreds of millions of eggs in its facilities in three states. And claims it has never discovered Salmonella in a single one of those -- This is state of the art when it comes to a reduction. The company provided ABC news with the guided one hour to requiring almost to Wear protective gear sanitation. -- executive Ken Clinton said the filth and permanent -- on the undercover tape was an aberration. -- on the tapes they've provided. That happen anytime that's why you're here today you could see. That's Fargo's entire operation across three states was called into question Thursday the FDA issuing a rare company wide warning letter to sparkle. That cited serious significant violations at five different sites that the FDA said could lead to -- -- day -- And now this morning McDonald's is announcing has cut offs marvelous -- supplier and will no longer accepted things based on the FDA action and our report. -- says it fired all the employees seen on those tapes but -- says it continues to have concerns about the management's marvel. And its ability to deliver high quality food prepared in -- humane and responsible manner. McDonald's says there was never any health risk that's -- -- which are cooked so well that it kills off any possible someone else. Which is something everyone at home should remember absolutely once again -- action led to a very important reaction. Thank you Brian.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Brian Ross investigation prompts McDonald's to look for a new egg supplier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14980956","title":"ABC News Investigation: What's In Your Breakfast?","url":"/GMA/video/mcdonalds-egg-mcmuffin-investigation-health-concerns-arise-14980956"}