Medical Technician May Have Infected Thousands With Hepatitis-C

Victims' anger is rising after plans to start testing former patients have been cancelled.
2:17 | 07/29/12

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Transcript for Medical Technician May Have Infected Thousands With Hepatitis-C
Fear and anger in this morning for thousands of patients in eight states these are the victims of a cereal and factor this man he's a medical technician who traveled the country infecting people with the deadly disease. Now those people of course want to know if there infected so why can't hospitals give some of them answers. ABC's David Curley is on the story in Washington this morning David good morning to you. Good morning again this week in New Hampshire was hoping to start testing more than 3000. Former patients for hepatitis C but those plans were canceled. And that has left some of those former patients a little bit angry. -- these people in New Hampshire are afraid that this man may have purposely infected them with hepatitis C. The fact that I don't know. -- by Clinton had that FI could that possibly contracted -- while I was there is stressful but health officials canceled a weekend testing clinic. Even though they'd -- more than 3000 people to get tested. The logistics were too much -- got -- mediate. You're gonna -- postpone the tax. As -- give me a warm feeling in fact many at this meeting had strong feelings about David quick house ski. He's in jail suspected of contaminating needles. That have already allegedly passed on hepatitis C the thirty patients. Virus that can cause serious liver damage. Potentially I could -- The unknown is the scary -- because you know that there's some serious treatment Mikulski was a traveling temporary medical tech and allegedly a drug -- He suspected of stealing syringes filled with painkillers meant for patients injecting himself to get -- and refilling -- -- was something else. -- contaminated needles were then used on patients according to a federal criminal complaint and in the past five years he's worked in eight states and thirteen hospitals. Leaving those hospitals scrambling to see if hundreds of other patients may have been infected by the man called us cereal -- -- In terms of giving these victims back what was taken from them. We can ever do that this is just a tragic -- Because he is in jail he has denied stealing drugs when he was arrested he was found with prescription medication and -- suicide note. Hospitals across the country hope to have a better accounting a possible victims. In the coming days Stan so infuriating -- frustrating for those people David -- thank you for your reporting this morning.

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{"id":16880407,"title":"Medical Technician May Have Infected Thousands With Hepatitis-C","duration":"2:17","description":"Victims' anger is rising after plans to start testing former patients have been cancelled.","url":"/GMA/video/medical-technician-infected-thousands-hepatitis-16880407","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}