Modern Families: 2 Dads, 1 Mom and a Baby

"Good Morning America" talks to a family with two dads, a mom and a baby.
4:54 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Modern Families: 2 Dads, 1 Mom and a Baby
A real life modern family that makes our favorite shows seem a little fashion they're not a couple but enough trouble they see them right there are one -- Glad I could get a laugh at a -- for that district three trouble walking onto a dead at a baby. They tell me it's not as rare as you might think an ABC's -- the -- of us live from wants -- to tell us how it all works taken away adding. Good morning George some people are getting -- trying to find that one true love that one's soul -- So instead they're looking for lots of people to love lots of different people to love trying to find true happiness. Really these days a modern family just like ABC's hit comedy. Can be anything you make its. And for joining Obama and John -- -- they're expanding modern family may take some explaining. -- -- -- Of course you've heard of polygamy where one man -- multiple women for like an HBO's big love marriage so this changes in rubles and TLC's sister lives. But -- Emery doesn't require marriage. And in this case it's a one woman with two male partner please stop searching for that one -- that I -- searching for the -- I can have the one and I can also have the one and the one and the ones at home they act like any normal family. Playing with -- two and a half year old son -- before bedtime. But they're far from typical. Jaya is juggling two separate and committed relationships under one roof are you in love with both -- Yes madly deeply -- -- like the same kind of locked up -- come up I think is different kind of love she and Ian Ferguson or caimans biological parent. Acts they've been together for four years and share -- more romantic connection. My relationship with -- this off the charts like you know love passion we have. At all and her ten year relationship with John. I like this you analogy it's like he's -- comfortable. Sunday's game pair of shoes that I know will not give me blisters. You know I know them that they got the you know -- John does most of the chores and quit his job to become havens primary caretaker. Well the other men in the house pays the bills. Can catch in the world the -- Emory where the more the merrier all of them are free to date outside the household. Fun thing about being Pollyanna -- -- when we need a little jolt and we want a little bit of new relationship energy. Maybe reminds you kind of person bring another person and then the magic is new relationship energy with -- on high handle these chemicals -- economic -- No longer an old sure at that point it no longer on sale at Boston Globe. But later he admits he does get jealous at times. Especially -- like -- Before like that little voice a little self esteem comes up or that like social voice mr. -- Canada some people watching this might think. These people have no self control and this is all about -- it's not like we slept with hundreds of people in this is crazy sexual things. And if -- wondering about their sleeping arrangements they each have separate rooms. Even a planned schedule for intimacy but I actually like scheduling it because I can look -- -- -- -- Emery is a growing phenomenon. Researchers say there are roughly a half million poly amorous households in the US. But experts say being Polly is not for most people the primary. She with poly amorous relationships is jealousy. Jealousy and possessive -- and that's very human nature and it's hard to fight well. There's concern -- -- about -- and then how can -- -- her a little more like how people might perceive. -- judge him but for now they say he's happy and well adjusted and called John his protector. And he had his dad and him. And soon there ever growing family on May get bigger. Ian is now dating someone new. And Jaya is always open for romance is -- money -- And stepping out to find his. A modern family and truly modern times for Good Morning America -- -- ABC news Los Angeles. -- there are some. George there are some rules in this relationship practicing safe Sachs is a big one goodwill and also dating within their species. And dating within their species that is not a term I came up with that's one of their terms and it means dating other people who are -- emirates. Has some part of the different species okay. Happy thanks very good -- --

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{"id":15286512,"title":"Modern Families: 2 Dads, 1 Mom and a Baby","duration":"4:54","description":"\"Good Morning America\" talks to a family with two dads, a mom and a baby.","url":"/GMA/video/meet-real-life-modern-family-dads-mom-baby-15286512","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}