Meet 'Rex' The Military's Robotic Bomb-Detecting Dog

Muhammad Lila gets a firsthand look at a new technology to help patrol the frontlines.
2:26 | 03/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet 'Rex' The Military's Robotic Bomb-Detecting Dog
rare look at the new military technology that could save hundreds of lives. They're testing a robotic bomb enoughing dog named rex to see how it works on the battlefield. Muhammad lila reports just like real dogs there's a lot of training involved. Reporter: We were given special clearance to a top secret robotics lab at a base just outside of kabul. On the way in a sign of what lay ahead. Take a look at what's on the wall. Wall-e. We found robots with eyes, claws, treads and this, not a robot, but a throw-bot. I ccan throw this? Yeah. Reporter: How far. 20, 30 feet. Reporter: We threw it, smashed it, kicked it. It it wouldn't break. It's designed for reconnaissance. We hid a small camera pretending it was a roadside bomb. You have to pull out the pin like a gre grade. Can I throw up out over the wall. This and we launched it. Just listen to this. The insect-like pitter-patter tracking down and I'm getting the coordinates of our pretend bomb in just seconds. On 9 battlefield where every second counts meet rex. You guessed it. He's a roboting dog. He walks, runs, clients, takes commands. Rex, sit. Reporter: Even has a wagging antenna for a tail. Take him for a walk. Rex is playful but his mission is serious. Tracking through rugged terrain looking for explosives. Thanks to the tiny cameras in his eyes soldiers can see everything that he does. Right there. Best in show goes to the dog robot. Best in show. Reporter: Since the war began 800 military robots have made the ultimate sacrifice to save their human brethren. We consider that lives, limbs of people that were able to bring home because we utilize these systems. Reporter: In other words, more robots could mean more american lives saved and a whole new meaning for man's best friend. Muhammad lila, abc news, at the bagram airfield in afghanistan. One more time. Rex is awesome. Saves lives and you don't have to follow him around with a plastic bag. Or feed him. Mohammed looked like he had a lot of fun with that throw-bot. You say you can -- I bet I can. I'll take on the dog. Ron versus rex. Coming up on "gma," would

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{"id":18641068,"title":"Meet 'Rex' The Military's Robotic Bomb-Detecting Dog","duration":"2:26","description":"Muhammad Lila gets a firsthand look at a new technology to help patrol the frontlines.","url":"/GMA/video/meet-rex-militarys-robotic-bomb-sniffing-dog-18641068","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}