Meet Shane Osborn: From Chinese Prisoner to U.S. Senate Candidate

The Nebraska Republican says being a captive helped to prepare him for politics.
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet Shane Osborn: From Chinese Prisoner to U.S. Senate Candidate
What -- the fine print I'm -- -- today -- conversation with Shane Osborne a Republican senate candidate from Nebraska. Shane welcome to Washington thanks for joining us thanks -- -- -- in 2001. He made some headlines of your own when you crashed a plane over China. Tonight there are concerns about national security and -- US military flight crew that was forced to make an emergency landing. During a surveillance flight along China's southern coast we're collecting intelligence off the -- He's -- -- EP threes in the navy and we are getting harassed by tanks -- 66 cut him and half -- killed him and tore Kraft we are -- converted to the -- -- but all the way it was pretty rough -- we lost over two miles upside down 24 people on board we need to get rid of the the materials on board and we added that the plane on China and ended up getting taken off at gunpoint for for twelve uncomfortable days -- he had to destroy maternal and your plane is -- and a well I was I was told that I hold the airplane -- with my flight -- in the in the folks back there's metal boxes you chop up the laptops -- in the metal boxes and from -- in the ocean. So it's it's effective though I mean its work certain vernacular -- them return to what -- those interrogations life. Long. Scary intimidating. You know you just keep -- and and making deals with lord telling them you know get me through this -- my crew home and there was a lot you know my new name was master spy and then be pretty convinced I was going to a Chinese prison rest of my life. And when you're sitting -- for twelve days being interrogated around the clock and -- you -- sleep deprivation and you learn what's important -- your faith. First and foremost and taking carrier crew and getting them home safely with their honor intact and that's what we did. -- -- RFI can take twelve days of Communist Chinese interrogations I can certainly handle Harry -- on the hill why do you want to run for the senate. It's a pretty simple answer goes back to grown up with a single mom who ran the veterans home in our -- Nebraska. -- in those veterans and their stories and then going on -- serve in the navy. There's a saying we have in the -- not on my watch and I think that applies here. I refuse to sit back and watch this country decline we are seeing so many more military veterans now running for office is just a new generation of leaders absolutely you know. This over a decade of wars created a lot of leaders and -- these people understand how the world is and they understand and everybody loves America and and understand the importance of getting this country back on track I refuse to be part of a first generation that -- the next generation country. Worse off and that's why you're seeing veterans step up and realize they've got to come out here in and fix things in Washington it's not just overseas. As you look at the other Republican senators what type of of lessons to drop from the different styles of senators -- have senator Ted Cruz obviously as Senator McCain and a lot of others what type of senator would -- senator Osborne. You know I'm I'm a conservative. Guy in and I realize that not everybody out here's conservative -- -- him but I'm results driven guy and that's that's. I know that the world works on relationships you have to build relationships you have to be honest with people and build that trust and it doesn't happen overnight when your military value -- a guy on the left that the the judge set go to jail. -- enlist in the military got a guy on the right is a Rhodes scholar and can speak six languages we all get put together we're all different backgrounds and an intense situations. And we learn to work together to get the mission accomplished well that's what I'm coming out here to do you are running for senate in Nebraska -- -- deeply. A Republican state how do you differentiate yourself from your opponents over four years I cut my budget almost 12% -- -- treasurer and state treasurer Nebraska. Reduced staff over 20% we put the entire budget on lines are -- -- can -- -- their money's been spent. And then finally I know what it's like to sign the front of a paycheck and not just the back of a paycheck I've created several businesses and so. How one of them help side -- returning veterans coming back from the war that's been my focus is taking care of veterans and and trying to. Try to do things that will help grow the economy and small businessmen and women -- my -- final thing here are your from Nebraska US spends Osborne some people may. Wonder if you're related to another -- from Nebraska long time to rest football coach Tom -- former congressman. Are you any relation somehow I don't have any on the -- -- -- name it's not a bad last name out of Nebraska that's for sure -- and thank you very much for -- appreciate it and that's all for this edition of the fine -- for ABC news and Yahoo! News pumped -- selling.

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{"id":22419952,"title":"Meet Shane Osborn: From Chinese Prisoner to U.S. Senate Candidate","duration":"3:00","description":"The Nebraska Republican says being a captive helped to prepare him for politics.","url":"/GMA/video/meet-shane-osborn-chinese-prisoner-us-senate-candidate-22419952","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}