Powerful Typhoon Smashes Philippines

At least three dead as one of the strongest typhoons ever makes land fall.
2:15 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for Powerful Typhoon Smashes Philippines
massive storm that's slamming the philippines. It's happening right now. Isn't it, sam? This is one of the lifetime events that I don't think we'll see in our lives again. When we look at this storm right now, that we know of on the planet, the fourth-strongest cyclone to ever develop. It is the strongest ever to make landfall, ever, ever. You can take this. Let me show you what this looks like. Take this eye. And let me get just a little bit closer into this. You can see it better as it moves in toward the northern islands of the philippines. This is a monster storm. Really dropped only 30 miles per hour in wind speed when it had its interaction with the islands here. And the story of the storm continues. But take words like destructive and devastating and we have to find new words. This morning, a deadly storm. Now being called the strongest tropical cyclone to hit land in recorded history. Here's an image of this massive storm from space. Statistically, more powerful and potentially more destructive than our most tragic storms. Superstorm sandy, hurricane katrina. Overnight, supertyphoon haiyan slammed into the philippines, forcing more than 150,000 families, that's 750,000 individuals, to evacuate, leaving countless stranded throughout the country's more than 7,000 small islands. Wind gusts up to 235 miles per hour, roughly the top speed of a formula one racer. And faster than any u.S. Storm. It's an astounding 300 miles wide, roughly the distance from boston to philadelphia. And will bring a storm surge likely to exceed 23 feet. This is so much more powerful, the destruction, the damage, the water moving through, the wind, people having to evacuate. All that happening right now. And likely to continue to happen with this storm. So, we'll show you its past and its track. From the philippine, it has another opportunity to make landfall, still as a very strong storm in vietnam. And whirl in through laos. Look at this storm, 100 miles per hour with the wind speeds by the time the storm is well inland, by 1:00 in the morning. A lifetime event. We're going to turn to

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{"id":20826252,"title":"Powerful Typhoon Smashes Philippines","duration":"2:15","description":"At least three dead as one of the strongest typhoons ever makes land fall.","url":"/GMA/video/mega-typhoon-smashes-philippines-20826252","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}