Meghan Trainor Talks Body Shaming on 'GMA'

The "No" singer opens up about her body being photoshopped in her new music video, and discusses whether she was body shamed.
5:54 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Meghan Trainor Talks Body Shaming on 'GMA'
We got big news here, Meghan Trainor is here. The reigning grammy winner for best new artist, role model celebrating positive body image and highly anticipated second album out and she will perform for us and we'll chat with her. A little bit of her story. ♪ You know I'm all about that bass about that bass ♪ Reporter: She's a musical powerhouse known for her girl power anthems. ♪ I'm feeling untouchable ♪ Reporter: Meghan Trainor's body positive singles topping the charts from megahit "All about that bass" to "Lips are moving". ♪ I know you lie because your lips are move ♪ Reporter: The grammy award winner encouraging people to embrace their shape but pulling this video for "Me too." They photoshopped the crap out of me and I'm so sick of it and I'm over it so I took it out. Until they fix it. She posted the side by side comparison on instagram writing the real "Me too" video is finally up. Missed that bass. ♪ I can't help loving myself ♪ Reporter: Sharing the untouched video showing off her unaltered physique. ♪ If I was you I'd wanna be me too ♪ Do you hear it? Megan, "Gma's" debut of Meghan Trainor. I saw you last night on "Jimmy Fallon" you took a little bit of a tumble. I'm feeling it today. Feeling bruises everywhere. I was fine. It was great. Got gown on the ground with you. I got up and did it again and that was the better performance. I was like, ah. Just keep it? That's what we love about you, you keep it real and let's talk about the video. Yeah. When did you first know that something -- I noticed -- I worked so hard on this video. It was a 22-hour shoot and we awe, my family was editi iing it with me. I even shaved off mole hair. I did everything and I examined it and then when it was up I saw my fans posting, clips of this dance scene and I was like, why, why are the fans messing with my waist? And like I was like, why are they doing that then I looked at my video and it's my own video and that's not my waist. I know. They made me skinnier than the dancers next to me who are dancers. And I love the director. I love this video and we're so proud of this but I had -- I had to call up the head of vivo and say take it down. That's not me. I need to fix this now as soon as I can. You have stood up and said, you know, you are the poster child for no photoshop. Yeah, I just -- I don't know. We had a short amount of time to get it turned around. Put it out but I don't know like how you would shave my waist off like me, you know. I don't know as all about the bass girl. I know. That's what was so ironic about it. I didn't want this song to be the new anthem for photoshop but obviously is still a big issue and we're still talking about it. Yeah. Let's talk about the music. Because it is new and there's something a little different for you because people thought you'd do a lot like you did the first time and it was your producer L.A. Reed that said -- L.a. Knew because I had been writing for a lot of his artists and he knows what I'm capable of and you don't have to do the doo-wop again. I presented him with new doo-wop. He said, no, I know you can do more. Push yourself and kept pushing me then I was so angry at one point I wrote no and that was towards L.A. Reed like you need to let it go. I write good songs and he's like this is it. You've always written good songs for others and yourself but it's got caribbean, it's got a little rap. Yeah, I tried to put all my favorite influences in this album. Well, you got a lot of fans and we hit them up on Twitter and said, let us know what you want to ask. I love this Twitter handle, bluebell twinkle asks what was your favorite musical memory growing up? My favorite musical memory. Wow. That's like -- that's a big range of things. Like my favorite TV performance? Whatever. I was a big Britney spears fan on her award show performances. I'd make then tire house stop talking, listen, Britney is on, we must focus. We must watch this. That was my big moments of watching. A lot of people want to know who are your influences because you have really shaped and influenced others and motivate others and people want to know who inspired you. I have always looked up to Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars knows this. Every interview I say Bruno Mars andmy mom is like you're like the girl Bruno Mars. We love him and big fans of his songwriting, his performances as well and him as an artist and I want to be as cool as Bruno Mars. You're well on your way and look the part. I love all the sparkle. You want to tell us what you're doing this weekend. Are we going to see you. What am I doing? Putti on a -- Billboard. Billboard music awards. I'm singing there. That's right. We're also singing "No" at billboard and, yeah, we're doing a bunch of stuff. Going out on tour. We're going on tour. "Untouchable" tour with Hailee Steinfeld and common kings. You okay, your vocal cord sfwhs we went on tour and went on tour again. You're good. We're learning. We're learning way to keep it healthier and I got my vocal coach here. We heard you this morning. At 5 A.M. We heard you. Noises. Must be Megan. You're going to sing for us in our last half hour. Thanks for sitting down and chatting. Thanks for having me. Megan will be back to perform

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"The \"No\" singer opens up about her body being photoshopped in her new music video, and discusses whether she was body shamed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39082931","title":"Meghan Trainor Talks Body Shaming on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/meghan-trainor-talks-body-shaming-gma-39082931"}