Mel Gibson Talks 'Hacksaw Ridge' on 'GMA'

The Academy Award-winning director is live in our Times Square studio to discuss his acclaimed new film.
4:29 | 11/01/16

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Transcript for Mel Gibson Talks 'Hacksaw Ridge' on 'GMA'
winner Mel Gibson and this is his first ever live interview on "Gma." I'm honored he chose to be here with me today. Back in the director's chair for his new film "Hacksaw ridge" after a nearly ten-year hiatus. The film is based on a true story of an army medic who saved 75 men during World War II without ever firing a weapon. Take a look. Gets your heart pumping. Looks like a real cliffhanger. A real cliffhanger. I like that, you look a little different. I've let the fungus grow. But it's not tiredness. I have a job. Actually I was thinking, you know, there were harpo, groucho, chico but I'm the unfun anyway Marx brother, Karl Marx. This is a big return to the director's chair and inspiring story about Desmond doss and what drew you to it. The pinnacle of heroism. A man who goes -- is a carbon monoxidous Ober, will not kill no matter what and stands by his convictions, persecuted in the army and gueoes to hell on Earth and does something amazing. He saves their lives without firing a weapon in constant peril. He's something else. I mean, it's a true story which is almost unbelievable. Which is mind blowing this is true. Anyone who goes to war, you carry a weapon. He chose not to do that. He chose the higher route which is pretty high, indeed. Take the high road because that's the one that's less crowded. That's it. That's what he did. He took it in a seriously dangerous. And there was nobody else there. They all got ordered off the ridge. He stayed there and saved men under constant fire. It was something. It's been rave reviews for this. A lot of Oscar buzz. You have a chance to direct him some actors. Andrew Garfield. Vincent Jackson Vaughn. How was that. Great. These guys are professionals. They're so good at what they do. This is not "Wedding crasher," Vincent Jackson. He'll always be intrinsically funny but Andrew inhabits. I'd like to work with this guy all the time. He is amazing. Another actor you worked with, 26 years old. Name is milo. That guy. He's actually your son. Yeah, right. And he looks just like you. How was it directing your son? Does he listen to you, first of all. No, he doesn't listen to me. He never has. Why should he tart now? I give him suggestions. I find with kids especially when they're teenagers if you keep talking at them you find out they heard everything later. That is the truth. Oh, yeah, they scare you to death then you find out it all re resonated at some point. A big congratulations to you because you're about to have another baby. Yeah, number nine. Congratulations. I got the stretch marks, man. You have stretch marks. I got stretch marks. That happens after you get past five. Man. Congratulations also on your ten-year sobriety. Thank you. Congratulations. That's a major achieve many. And, you know, another -- this is a great film for veterans. Oh, absolutely. This is a story for 1945 but it's still resonating today in 2016. It's a love story, not really a war film. It is graphic but I felt that I needed to show that just show everybody what our veterans go through and I think it gives empathy because a lot of people can't understand what these guys are suffering from and particularly today there is a lot of PTSD. A lot of guys dropping the hammer on themselves and it's a serious problem we need to pay more attention to and I hope the film can focus on that but, you know, if it can bring attention to that, that's good. I tell you what we're glad you're behind the camera directing this film. Thanks a lot. It is "Hacksaw ridge" opening

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"The Academy Award-winning director is live in our Times Square studio to discuss his acclaimed new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43207097","title":"Mel Gibson Talks 'Hacksaw Ridge' on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/mel-gibson-talks-hacksaw-ridge-gma-43207097"}