Mel Gibson's $450 Million Divorce

The movie star's split is believed to be the biggest payout in Hollywood.
2:49 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mel Gibson's $450 Million Divorce
Now to the divorce settlement between Mel Gibson and his wife of 31 years Robyn -- the nearly 450. Million dollar agreement. Believed to be the biggest celebrity divorce payout in Hollywood history. Spencer is here now with much more on this very expensive store alone yes but don't -- too many tears for mr. Mel -- not -- pretty. -- going broke but. His bank account is certainly a lot smaller this morning and by about half. Even by Hollywood standards the divorce settlement is a whopper. Robyn and Mel Gibson were married for nearly thirty years during which -- thanks to movies like lethal weapons. Great part. Passion of the Christ the actor director built up -- net -- 850. Million dollars. But now the former couple will reportedly split that down the middle leaving them with each. Nearly a half billion dollars according to People Magazine the couple had no pre -- -- -- pre nup go together like peas and carrots in today's time and thirty years ago pre nup toward never really spoken let alone and arrogance. That -- -- to -- -- to the top of not so enviable Hollywood heat. Far surpassing reported settlements between Harrison Ford his ex wife Melissa mathison. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving. Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphy the basketball icon Michael Jordan settlement with his ex wife Juanita. But it's still less than the one point seven billion dollars media mogul Rupert Murdoch reportedly paid his ax and a in what is still the most expensive divorce in history. It -- -- -- just film mad Max in 1980 when he married Robin. The couple had seven children together they separated in 2006. Shortly after Gibson's DUI arrest and anti -- tirade. That sparked so many headlines. But it was during his contentious legal fight with his then girlfriend. There Robin released a statement in support of Iraq's stating he was never abusive neither -- commented publicly since. The divorce was finalized next. And as for the nearly billion dollar gives an empire. A few hundred -- down. May not exactly break the bank. So to speak while -- walking away with a ton of money this well this is big numbers these are huge numbers Mel Gibson is not -- star who just so -- that the numbers are so big. Because Mel Gibson was worth so much. And -- 425. Million dollars will -- she's entitled to half of every future film residuals check that. -- receives for the rest of his life for the movies made. During their marriage the court documents we'll keep most of the details of the settlement private so. We may never know if they have to split that island in Fiji that now blocked a few years ago some details shouldn't really remain private -- they.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"The movie star's split is believed to be the biggest payout in Hollywood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15238603","title":"Mel Gibson's $450 Million Divorce","url":"/GMA/video/mel-gibsons-450-million-divorce-biggest-payout-hollywood-15238603"}