Melissa Morris Reclaims Her Life

The Texas woman who lost 500 pounds talks about her incredible weight loss.
4:25 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Melissa Morris Reclaims Her Life
This is Melissa at her heaviest. Just over 650 pounds and Melissa. Can join us now. This is Melissa good. I'm probably won't you don't have it have a -- here. An even Scotty. Our our floor manager said the same thing we couldn't help but notice that -- we were showing that setup piece. You weren't watching. No I won't watch it winds that arm. Because I'm still -- -- -- -- -- her. That lady next to me is still me never again -- and Mary I still see his six and seven Freetown late. I don't recognize the body that I have that the face is still mind. So when years when you see that picture -- so that's even though you look at you. And how hard you worked -- and how your how you're helping others. For every one there's always that final straw there's always that -- what was that moment what turned it around pretty. My mom sick with cancer. And we went to Ohio -- she's found. To be with Terry -- the doctors today it's OK we got as much an -- was with possible but it did spread. So I was in my village mobility scooter and I went to go into her hospital room I couldn't get -- to ask them my mom's -- -- and I'm like okay everybody in my family is in my mom -- let me. -- -- went home for my mom was sitting in her chair and she -- bandages from her surgery and she looked at me sitting in my chair and she says. Can I get at -- make you something to eat. And I thought. My month my mom is sick with cancer my mom could die -- she's worried about. Whether or not she can get -- sympathy because no I didn't get to make myself and somebody always brought me something. Somebody always I didn't get up and cook it into somebody always -- its consumer -- Looking at me as sick as she was thinking I need to get up and take their parents and that was the moment I was -- and I was absolutely done you know. We do this from time this is a skirt. Completion within -- in my good scared to visit your skill and I don't -- my gone out and -- your heart -- against that I -- the day of surgery. And it -- heights. You're saying yes I mean if hit play so angry and it's four yards of material. And it's thirty. Four yards and -- here. Briefly in the yard so well feet of the -- that's that's that's incredible so I and I know that's why you say you still wouldn't look at him here. That's what you think I want to ask you something you your husband Chris and people that you've been very open about this this is. You happier having difficulty right now he's having difficulty would. You losing so much -- it's very hard he he's -- caretaker he's always been the caretaker I was heavy when we met I wasn't as heavy. -- -- we are defining our relationship it's hard to learn to define -- relationship. He was so used to doing everything for me and I let him I let him but then -- as -- -- -- like to do that -- do that I can do that. So it's of hard definition to define her relationship that is so cool of you to be honest and upfront about the -- it is automatically think -- Now that your life is like this everything is just not mean Mary very very upfront investments like going into this when -- -- and I'm not gonna tell you only the pretty parts you can see all of it would you like I'm who won the good the bad the likely. Because there is -- But the good part -- daughter years of solid issue right now should be to -- oh home victory -- should not pick apart considering. Great art keys where everything she's my whole world. Again he's what I live for nearly what I live by the -- you are -- fine example. Putting your daughter I'm wasn't gonna have to have you back from time to time thank you very -- you really can't really say. -- -- Melissa amazing story tonight on Nightline and you can see the rest of her incredible journey on my 600 pound live which premieres. On TLC. Tomorrow thanks again saying he.

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{"id":15478556,"title":"Melissa Morris Reclaims Her Life","duration":"4:25","description":"The Texas woman who lost 500 pounds talks about her incredible weight loss.","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-morris-reclaims-life-500-pound-weight-loss-15478556","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}