'Melrose Place' Cast Reunion Includes Heather Locklear, Andrew Shue

Entertainment Weekly welcomes cast back together from classic TV show.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Transcript for 'Melrose Place' Cast Reunion Includes Heather Locklear, Andrew Shue
monday" blowout with the gang. It's an entertainment weekly special. It's a labor of love? Indeed. It was an extra special treat for me, getting to meet all the wonderful actors who were suft a good part of andrew's life way before I knew him. I only watched him way back in THE '90s. Take a look. ♪ Reporter: The entertainment weekly photo shoot was like a family reunion for he. Hi, hi. Reporter: As andrew introduced me to his old friends. They were all here. Matt, kimberly, billy, alison, sydney, joe, jake, jane and their special guest star -- heather locklear as amanda. When I saw this show before i was on it, I just went, oh, my god, that group looks so fun to be with. I want to be on that show. It's been a really special cast. And how did you feel about being amanda. Loved her. Love to hate her. Some people called me heather lockwood. Amanda woodward, wood, definitely the hype of my career. It was great. Do you have a favorite line? No, they're all good. It was hard sometimes to deliver some of those lines. Don't worry, alison will survive. She's like a rash I can't get rid of it. When rye found out, I'm going to cut you open like a piece of rotten fruit. Do you have a favorite line? I just remember saying, i said that? Do you remember taking off your shirt? I kissed you and I liked it the most. Hey! So your favorite plot line was with daphne? There was no plot, it was just kissing. Oh, yeah, a toe man, too. That was a very dramatic plot line. With marcia, had a baby and then kidnapped it. A baby! How dare she. I'm here, honey. And who can forget marcia cross, dr. Kimberly dangering her wig off and then matt ripping it off, too. The driver of that car was wearing a short blond wig. Now how could I get all of this hair under something like that? Does this answer your question. Sorry! That's fabulous. People still, I imagine, come up to you on the street and talk to you about it? You know, I have to say, not as much. They did for years and years, luckily -- not again? Now they -- how about the building blowing up -- and we all survived. We all survived. And it was there, here, the same building. Ison was blinded in the explosion, then she got her eyesight back. Everybody ended up being so nice to her that she didn't tell anybody she had her eyesight back. Playing blind when I wasn't blind that was my favorite story line. Reporter: The show was a spinoff of "beverly hills 90210." Young uppy neighbors in los angeles. I had to make a full disclosure to andrew on our second date because I felt like it was a little weird that I -- he kind of asked me if I was a billy fan or a jake fan. I had to be honest. I was a jake fan. I didn't actually ask her, she just came out and said. Reporter: After all these years, fans still yell out their characters' names. The kids don't know us, but their parentses do. Parents will say, I named my daughter this or my dog. Reporter: Preparing for this interview, I discovered a long-lost bet that andrew, my husband, was cast as billy at the very last minute. Someone else was supposed to be billy campbell. Steven fanning was originally cast in the role of billy campbell. What happened? They were talking about chemistry between billy and alison. Well, he took his shirt off, right? Do you think they cast me just do for my abs? No one told steven that he was let go. He showed up to work and andrew was in his dressing room. Oh no. No, that's not true. He did. He was there that day. I remember. That's awful. I feel like I need to personally apologize. Reporter: Perhaps the most memorable scene was the wedding dress catfight. You remember it. Take it off now and get the hell out of here. We only had the one time to go in, we did the fight, fight, fight and then stop. You just can't take the fact that I'm better than you. No! Reporter: Most have remained busy acting and writing books and grant show just got married. I love my wife so much. I'm so happy. I'm beside myself in happiness. And heather, you've been tapped for the next scary movie? Am I getting married? How great did they all look? I just have to point that out. I have to point out that you were playing hard to get on the second date. Well, hello, I know how to play the game. It worked, didn't it. Jeff cagle is here, editorial of "entertainment weekly." He joins us now. We're going to reveal our mystery guest. Melrose place star, you know him as billy. I know him as hubby. Andrew shue. hello. You left all the laundry on the bed. I know, I was in a hurry, I'm sorry. Oh no. Sorry. En early wake-up call. So what was it like to have everybody together with amy at the same time? You know what, it was unbelievable, really. They were all talking about their kids, showing pictures. I was just talking about amy. My wife is coming in, really, we have five kids between us. She's an incredible mom. You're going to meet her. Enough about me. Let's talk about you. What was it like, though -- why do you think that everyone liked "melrose place" so much. All the stars. I saw how likable it was butt really was a behind the scenes. You know, we weren't cate. There were no divas. People had parties. People would gather on a weekly basis and it was ground breaking. Now, people would be on digital devices and you couldn't have a party because people would be texting. It must have been a no-brainer to get them back together? It was great to get them back together. When you look at a cast that size, it's always a little daunting. They were into getting together. It's so great to see a cast like that. Every single one of them loved the show. They were really grateful for the opportunity. It was a great energy. Like andrew said, it felt like a high school reunion. They were showing pictures of their kids. We'll have that later on tonight.

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{"id":17422089,"title":"'Melrose Place' Cast Reunion Includes Heather Locklear, Andrew Shue","duration":"3:00","description":"Entertainment Weekly welcomes cast back together from classic TV show.","url":"/GMA/video/melrose-place-cast-reunion-includes-heather-locklear-andrew-17422089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}