Most memorable Academy Award acceptance speeches

The "GMA" anchors look back at some of their favorite Oscar acceptance speeches.
3:12 | 02/20/17

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Transcript for Most memorable Academy Award acceptance speeches
Absolutely, something else that commands attention in the oscars. The speeches. Yeah. Which are this Sunday and I'm excited to see who will win and excited to hear what they say and yesterday the academy tweeted out this question. What oscars acceptance speech has inspired you? So you -- tell me, what are your all-time favorite Oscar speeches and I think I did a little poll and I think we are -- We have something in common. Long list. Robert story. Is that who you're thinking. Roberto benini. And that movie "Life is beautiful" one of the best movies of all time. When he got up there it was all about love and gratitude and thanking his parents for growing up in poverty and said that was the best thing for him and Sophia Loren was in tears. There's so many. Cuba Gooding Jr., goes an own on. Unbridled passion. I love Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Sitting next to their moms, it was such a great honest moment. Less than 20 seconds. Of us to thank, Harvey Weinstein who believed in us and made the movie. Gus van sapts, rob Williams who delivers the lines, Minnie driver. Your brother. My brother Casey. Coal Hauser. John -- My mom and Matt's mother the most beautiful woman here. Who else? John Gordon from miramax. Patrick wisen. And Cuba Gooden for showing us how to give an acceptance speech. I love it. Just so cute. Breathless. There was one -- I bet you wouldn't even remember. There was Kim Basinger, "L.A. Confidential" and the stories of how shy she was and won the Oscar and look at this. This is kind of if we ever had a chance. Listen to this. We did only get 30 seconds and, um, and to give a thousand thank-yous, I just want to thank everybody I've ever met in my entire life. That's the way you do it. Covered all the bases. And you see they reference Cuba Gooding Jr., you know, Matt and Ben did. We have that moment too when he accepted best supporting actor of his speech in 1997. Everybody, I love you. I love you all. Cameron. James, I love you. Everybody who was involved in this, I love you, I love you, I love you. Oh! That was good. That was good. Unbridled passion. Get a standing ovation before you even finish. That was good. People like Steve martin. No pressure to any of the winners on Sunday. No pressure. We'll be watching. Remember the great line from Sally field. You like me. You really, really like me. Something succinct and right to the point. You like me.

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{"id":45602106,"title":"Most memorable Academy Award acceptance speeches","duration":"3:12","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors look back at some of their favorite Oscar acceptance speeches. ","url":"/GMA/video/memorable-academy-award-acceptance-speeches-45602106","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}