Memorial Day Weekend Snow Fall

Flurries expected in various parts of the country.
1:44 | 05/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Memorial Day Weekend Snow Fall
To start with the weather and a word you do not often here on Memorial Day weekend snow there will be flurries in parts of this country this morning. Temperatures thirty degrees below normal our meteorologist ginger -- has been tracking all of this overnight she's in Central Park right now -- good morning. There is a no way to start your Memorial Day weekend but with a nice cold rain right or maybe a few flurries because that's what they did yesterday in Syracuse tying their third -- latest in the season. It's cold in the northeast look look at the radar to show you where it's snowing this morning just a few flakes or more coming -- some -- -- higher elevations here. In New England some places could add up in inches now it was the rain milk in inches that has been a problem this week in the northeast look at Vermont this is Jericho. Where a month's worth of rain fell in a week and you saw collapsing roads houses were damaged and it wasn't just in the northeast -- flash flooding yesterday in Texas San Antonio Texas getting to take even three inches in one hour that -- rain no good do not drive through it. More rain and storms on the way there. As we head through the weekend other places going to get more rain still wanna know how your -- -- turn -- look at this map just west of Chicago and parts of Iowa and northern Missouri gets a bull's -- there and the northeast it will slowly get out of here it's gonna linger for -- -- -- can't just -- all bad news as we go through this weekend and got to give -- one. Beautiful shot heavily go to Key West. -- -- see some isolated showers but -- really a nice weekend ahead. Mid to upper eighties let's talk about a Florida please a look at the travel across the nation really quickly before I -- -- and tell you that I got even more exciting news coming up for the nation's weather of course -- -- heat the some places -- -- -- stick around.

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{"id":19255467,"title":"Memorial Day Weekend Snow Fall","duration":"1:44","description":"Flurries expected in various parts of the country.","url":"/GMA/video/memorial-day-weekend-snow-fall-19255467","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}