Extreme Weather Coast to Coast on Memorial Day Weekend

Storms are set to clobber parts of US on the first unofficial weekend of summer.
1:52 | 05/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Weather Coast to Coast on Memorial Day Weekend
travel as we told you, tens of millions about to hit the road in this country for memorial day weekend but it could be an awfully rough journey with more storms clobbering so much of the nation. Abc's ginger zee is in central park right now with the very latest. Good morning to you, ginger. Oh, good morning. We've already had around 2 inches in central park and more to come but let me tell you, petals only going to be one of the hiccups that could put a pause on your holiday travel plans. More than 4 inches drenching the northeast overnight. Causing flash flooding across several states. This morning, four are under flood watch. In new york, roadways turned to rivers with sewers overflowing and in the manhattan skyline, this. Lightning strikes two buildings. Meanwhile, farther south in new jersey, the saddle river turned one woman's backyard into a full on pool. It was extremely strong coming down and there was a lot of it. Reporter: As far north as vermont over an inch of rain pounding the pavement in just 30 minutes. Forcing locals in burlington to seek other ways of getting around town. The powerful storm system causing memorial day travel nightmares for over 30 million travelers on land. And in the air, more than 1200 flights canceled thursday. Thousands more delayed, some over six hours with even more delays expected this afternoon. We are stuck. Reporter: In chicago gusty winds sent this woman for a chilly surf in the 42 degree waters of lake michigan and in texas, at least five tornadoes reported and several thunderstorms with high winds, one gust of 110 miles per hour. Near lubbock, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts kicked up huge dust storms creating a near brownout haze. So as you're making your plans

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{"id":19248157,"title":"Extreme Weather Coast to Coast on Memorial Day Weekend","duration":"1:52","description":"Storms are set to clobber parts of US on the first unofficial weekend of summer.","url":"/GMA/video/memorial-day-weekend-weather-forecast-2013-extreme-weather-19248157","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}