'Bro-Tox': Men's Botox New Rising Trend

The number of men getting cosmetic procedures has doubled in the last 15 years.
4:19 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for 'Bro-Tox': Men's Botox New Rising Trend
More guys are headed to the plastic surgeon's office to roll back. The clock the number of men opting for cosmetic procedures nearly double over the last fifteen years and another one thing men are getting done. Botox or should we say broad talks ABCs and this year have -- seen all the other walking around frozen faces. The -- gotten so big that women are even turning to Botox -- Christmas and birthday presents for their men and the guys are actually asking for it. In fact hundreds of thousands of men are now opting for those cringe worthy injections. And. What to get the -- in your life is an ongoing dilemma in the past women have resorted to their usual go to gifts. -- sports -- car equipment but this year's hot I. People whom I normally used for Christmas arm and into Botox and his dislike for -- -- -- is stop the Lawton. And healthy your Botox -- -- but before Christmas to speed up there for an intermediate that right here Reuters roots herself. Here and then appeared in my a short hairs today. Guess I don't wanna look any older. And I recommended. He's not the only one getting -- an increasing number of men are adding Botox. Some are calling -- talks to their wishlists every year it seems like more more men are getting Botox has. It's -- -- -- rising trend last year more than 300000. Men got broad talks -- still competition our society who looks and. You know better looking -- get paid more and hit the -- girls used to winning this burgeoning boys club. Well they're not do you might suspect. A lot of times -- -- UN -- coming into plastic surgeons office or not the stereotypical guy who really really cares so much about grooming and exactly how it works. He's talking about men like mark who worked in the chemical company in Detroit. I do industrial type work get dirty and stuff like that. On -- restore old cars fox far more likely to be playing a thing that may have escaped -- -- 38 he started noticing some lines. We're looking at all pictures and I looked at this picture -- -- managed or the last couple of years since we just had this baby. I think mark looks great but he did mention -- -- -- he looked a little bit older. Still -- one of the chains offer Christmas wife had other ideas. Gave -- the card was very nice -- always picks on his card but then there was a little note that some Botox on her. A little -- -- -- Maybe you would like little bit about attacks and fix them -- -- headlines a little bit. And when Martin told his brother Scott there weren't exactly any fist pumps -- proposals. For a minute there I didn't. And funny -- wasn't big on his broke getting broker talks mark decided to check it out I figured -- not -- doing some good cuts through her forehead. -- passed through the bedroom when I look at show what I think six out most to me. I crow's feet and before we know it Marc was ready for a close that this is how you look now before you -- times. Good and Wal-Mart took his gift in stride doctor you caution that's not always the case if -- gonna give plastic surgery is it yet. Make sure that the person actually wants it because some men may take it morally. A few days later tossed -- feet less noticeable is fine -- almost god. Marcus pleased with the result so next Christmas he still wants that change jobs but. I'll tell you -- if they had a good. Here system. I love. I'm my -- up here. And such as Botox sales of high and skin care products for men jumped 12% last year skin care executives say this is one business -- the recession. -- -- -- they say men feel more pressure. To look good so they can be more competitive in the job market never -- Tony. My husband -- new micro German abrasion as a gift he look like a tomato he never looked at Alabama has -- buddies Oracle. And let us of the guys here in the student did stop and -- there are getting animals while. Hard data -- -- it all right thanks. So much -- that's a fact that showed George rapid yeah.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"The number of men getting cosmetic procedures has doubled in the last 15 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15320736","title":"'Bro-Tox': Men's Botox New Rising Trend","url":"/GMA/video/men-choosing-botox-15320736"}