Men's Health Sponsors the 'Urbanathlon'

Chris Cuomo hosts the magazine's competition which helps numerous charities.
1:27 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for Men's Health Sponsors the 'Urbanathlon'
Little treat truly funny and certain -- -- The toughest men and news -- indefatigable. That using tripled syllable words is that a good word here -- I think it's the worst of illegal don't get tired easily -- you know like I guess -- -- you're reading notes some sort of that it -- an event this is good stuff this is good stuff Men's Health Magazine right past me get involved with this we know what Men's Health Magazine. They have so they call the urban -- Kinda like a triathlon happens in big cities Chicago New York San Francisco. Nine miles but the obstacles along the way are like taxi camps and going over monkey bars and all -- -- steeple chasing of the get overnight on wall. It's all about get out do something be active have fallen. Beautiful message -- -- -- now take your hosting but are you doing -- I have a little bit of an injury I'm hoping to be ready for San Francisco. He's like -- to toe with Susan -- but I tripped over -- and always happy. Yeah I'll be -- here did will be there -- -- -- hosting you mean sitting in the chair yet so I thought. Our spandex is that what -- the man has done many trap lines he is a serious serious athlete -- -- my friendlies and -- -- end its mortgage costs it's a great cause every kind of charity in the world is out there for good reason money disabled veterans. Great stuff. I'm Chris Cuomo thank you -- look -- hosting the event today and I know you'll do it -- as it was they hand -- we appreciate it.

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{"id":14841210,"title":"Men's Health Sponsors the 'Urbanathlon'","duration":"1:27","description":"Chris Cuomo hosts the magazine's competition which helps numerous charities. ","url":"/GMA/video/mens-health-sponsors-urbanathlon-14841210","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}