Refugees Cross Rio Grande in Hopes of Being Caught

Border Patrol struggles to round up the flood of people trying to escape violence in Central America.
4:07 | 08/02/14

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Transcript for Refugees Cross Rio Grande in Hopes of Being Caught
Thousand to a striking new view of the crisis on our southern border this morning. Congress may have left town for summer vacation after failing to address the influx of mooig gra migrants but the women and children keep coming and Jim Avila is on the front lines along the Rio grande. Reporter: August is not vacation month on the Rio grand. During the next 38 days while congress is on vacation, an estimated 5700 unaccompanied minors will cross the border illegally, 155 a day. And Louise Rodriguez of the border patrol will be working to stop them. We've been looking for points on the Mexican side. Reporter: He is on a boat patrol with his partner Cesar. Especially the traffic that doesn't want to be caught. The traffic that wants to be caught we can't deter them. Reporter: Like this raft filled with 16 people. Mostly moms and kids and unaccompanied children from central America. These are the refugees who don't run from the border patrol. They run to them. Children like this 7-year-old who crossed with a slightly older brother and this 17-year-old girl who tells the agent she came to escape the violence. The violence over there? Doesn't allow us to go to school. That's why we're coming over here. Reporter: They may not be running but it still takes manpower to round them up. 200 more agents move to the Rio grande sector last month and two new airboats were added this week. The border patrol hoped to pay for them with more money from congress. Money that isn't coming any time soon. Sad says Luis because the surge was working. What do you see? We're typing less rafts. The groups that come across and look for us so the Numbers have gone down recently. Reporter: Do you think that's because the message is getting across. We don't know about the message getting across. I think it's because the more patrols are out here. Reporter: Because on the Rio grande unlike in Washington there is no summer vacation. For "Good morning America," Jim Avila, ABC news, McAllen, Texas. Okay, so with congress on vacation and the crisis raging on, what's next? Let's go to the capitol and ABC news senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny. So, Jeff, is everybody really gone there and is the president now likely to act alone? Reporter: Good morning, Dan. Yes, it is a ghost town up here but it's a dysfunctional ghost town at that. Congress unwilling or unable to reach a compromise left town so that really leaves this in the hands of president Obama and the white house and the white house is preparing to take a series of executive actions on immigration perhaps as early in the coming weeks certainly by the end of the summer. One senior administration official tells me this morning what they're really focusing on is all these young Mike grants like we saw in Jim's report. The president could sign some type of order to let them stay and considering much more perhaps allowing work perpendiculars for some of those 11 million undocumented workers to stay in the country, as well. Now, this is going to be politically very explosive coming in the middle of the midterm election year. Congress is already accusing the white house of overstepping its authority but since they've left the white house, not many options here, so the president as we heard him sayed is going to take action on his own. We'll see what that is in the coming weeks. This congress, the 113th may go down in history as the least productive. I know we're coming up on mid-terps and that can make things grind to a halt but what's going on here? Reporter: It is the least productive, I can tell you, I've been covering capitol hill for who are than a decade and the least productive we've seen in a long time. What's really going on, both sides are back into their corners, republicans are trying to win control of the senate. So that has democrats locked up. Republicans are trying to pick up six seats to win control of the senate and that means that so much dysfunction up here because no one wants to get anything done. It's all about the campaign politic, at least for the next three months. Dysfunction, the operative word at least for the foreseeable future. Jeff Zeleny, thank you for your

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{"id":24818818,"title":"Refugees Cross Rio Grande in Hopes of Being Caught","duration":"4:07","description":"Border Patrol struggles to round up the flood of people trying to escape violence in Central America.","url":"/GMA/video/mexico-border-crisis-refugees-cross-rio-grande-hopes-24818818","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}