Miami 'Neighbor From Hell' Caught on Tape, Arrested

Man's neighbors banned together to buy high-tech surveillance cameras to catch him in the act.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miami 'Neighbor From Hell' Caught on Tape, Arrested
And now, any of you who think you have bad luck in neighbors. Stick around for this surveillance video. It's a miami man. According to his neighbors, he's been at it for over a year. Abc's john muller is here with the story. Boy, john, nice guy. They call him the neighbor from hell. Now, he's been arrested. Miami homeowners say they were living in constant fear. Things got so bad, they joined together and bought a surveillance camera. Take a look at this video as an unidentified man throws a rock through a car window. And here, watch these unknown men spray gasoline on a car. And this, a boat bursting into flames. Members of this miami community accuse mitchell igelko of all of these crimes, the a man they call the neighbor from hell, saying he hired others to do his dirty work. He's an angry guy, and he tries to intimidate you. Reporter: Police are still investigating those incidents and igelko has not been charged in them. But late last week, igelko was charged in criminal mischief and stalk something separate incidents. We have property damage and psychological damage. Reporter: Here cameras allegedly catch him throwing what looks like an egg at someone's house. And in this video, neighbors say it's igelko sprinkling bags of nails on driveways and lawns. I was getting flat tires, not only myself but everybody in the neighborhood. Reporter: Neighbors allege that this reign of terror started in 2008 when igelko started feuding with neighbors DerHAGOPIAN. Watch here as what appeared to be liquid squirting from the white truck. The next day, the grass was killed. Neighbors say igelko was behind it nobody should have to live like this. Reporter: His lawyers say this is nothing other than an ongoing dispute. To suggest that my clients would vandalize his own home, burn his own grass, throw eggs on his own cars is absolutely preposterous. They told abc news they're waiting to get access to the tapes to better respond to the allegations. Miami police are viewing those tapes and it's possible more charges could be pending. George, amy. Wow. Cameras don't lie. No, they don't. Neither does sam champion. Well --

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{"id":17532805,"title":"Miami 'Neighbor From Hell' Caught on Tape, Arrested","duration":"3:00","description":"Man's neighbors banned together to buy high-tech surveillance cameras to catch him in the act.","url":"/GMA/video/miami-neighbor-hell-caught-tape-arrested-17532805","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}