Jackson Family Performs Despite Public Feud

A look at the Jackson family feud and how much Michael left behind.
2:21 | 07/30/12

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Transcript for Jackson Family Performs Despite Public Feud
Good morning, nick. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Well, the jacksons are trying to build some bridges after the extraordinary evident extraordinary events of the past couple of weeks. Is all that money making it harder to play happy family. Video shows grandma jackson bringing the grandkids to watch her boys play on the ironically titled unity tour. Jermaine told the crowd -- the jackson family is one. And we're one family. And we will heal. Reporter: But most families are not this complicated. There's tremendous drama that's associated with them. And there's a heck of a lot of money. Reporter: Here are some high heights we found in the accounts just filed by the late, great king of pop's estate. ♪ The way you make me feel ♪ Reporter: He was $500 million in the hole before he died. Since then, he's earned nearly that much back. The kids have an allowance of more than $2 million. Spent $436,000 on residences expenses. 654,000 on security. These kids, technically, are extremely wealthy. The rest of the family, not that they're poor. They can't help but drool over the future prospects. Reporter: And the simmering issue of who should be the kids' guardian, a judge gave cousin t.J. Custody last week. Grandma told abc news she was happy to be there. I'm here with my children. My children would never do a thing hike that. Holding me against my will. Reporter: Legal moves say katherine and t.J. Will soon share custody. I can't imagine an 82-year-old woman trying to raise three teenage kids. I'm xexhausted thinking abit. Reporter: T.J. Will help with the day to day money. This is not over. Randy just released a statement. Josh this is not over, this may never be over.

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{"id":16885226,"title":"Jackson Family Performs Despite Public Feud","duration":"2:21","description":"A look at the Jackson family feud and how much Michael left behind.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-brothers-performs-public-family-feud-custody-16885226","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}