Paris Jackson Lands New Role

Michael Jackson's daughter will debut in "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys."
2:40 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Paris Jackson Lands New Role
We -- back at 743 and out to Michael Jackson's teenage daughter Paris she is getting ready to head in front of the cameras for her movie debut. -- -- has been interested in acting and now he's got her first big game ABC weakening mechanical pick up. Much more on this and you see steer you spent some time -- they mature and poised for a. Thirteen year old girl the movie's producer said that thirteen year old Paris is eager to quote take on her dad's legacy. Playing the heroine in this upcoming movie which is based on a series of young adult books. There's so many this is the moment they did find Paris Jackson. -- -- -- Other you can ever imagine. The once this guy's daughter of the King of Pop on stage and so poised mourning her legendary father. -- Now that once -- young woman that will be in the public spotlight. This time on the silver screen -- in the first movie based on London's bridge a series of younger adult fantasy novels. Earlier this year Paris told Robin Roberts that she had her sights set on acting but I understand it that the parachutes and annual -- -- -- act first and yet. -- -- Thank you I conditioning and her playing next week. Inside his band and while she's now getting her chance to letter talent shine on screen she may also bring something else to the theater -- -- This kid can sell hundreds of thousands possibly millions of dollars worth of tickets on her name alone. Since Michael Jackson's death parents has taken on a more public role. Except in last year's lifetime achievement Grammy for a father. And honoring him -- -- Michael forever tribute concert in October. -- All the wild trying to be a normal thirteen year old. Posting pictures on Twitter going to concerts and even joining her school's flag football team. Her life and now her budding career in the hands of her grandmother Katherine. She understands. The pressures of show business on young people. She's one of the most calming forces and those young kids life. Now Paris hopes to make a lasting impression. Tweeting I want to leave my footprints on the sands of time soon moviegoers will get to see her take the first step. The release date is not yet sat in the filming locations are currently under wraps there's also big fundraising aspect of the film 50% of the profits will go to schools with low budgets and program cuts and -- -- -- Right that's very important to them and have to agree with what Howard said. Graham on Jackson's Jackson's a really good job entails into I -- -- think --

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Michael Jackson's daughter will debut in \"Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15136765","title":"Paris Jackson Lands New Role","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-daughter-paris-star-lundons-bridge-keys-15136765"}