Michael Jackson's Doctor: Jury's Guilty Verdict

Dan Abrams discusses the guilty verdict in trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.
2:28 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Doctor: Jury's Guilty Verdict
You think was -- -- look this was an uphill battle for the defense. Because the prosecutors were able to present so much evidence of the wave that Conrad Marie behaved and the things he should have done that he didn't do -- -- he did you. Which he absolutely shouldn't have done so from that point forward. The defense had an uphill battle to fight. And that -- listening time slapping handcuffs going right to jail a lot of reports of the I was surprised that I was surprised that I doubt it because this is a guy -- no criminal history there's no way overt risk of flight the judge made a point that he's got contacts and other places but. -- this is a crime where as Jim points out he may serve little to almost no time behind bars so to immediately slap the cuffs on him. And send him to jail is clearly intended to send a message and I think if the judge saying. In effect. I know that he's not going to serve the kind of time the public expects and I want to make sure they know the public how seriously I'm treating. This looks like some people have read. That sane way to that this means of judges could be really hard on him and he will serve some time right -- and the -- really hard on him still won't mean a lot of time because even if he gets theoretically the maximum four years -- I think it's unlikely. He still wouldn't serve anything like that so I think that -- it's clearly a message on the -- part of an appeal. Oh absolutely no -- -- look at it appeals always a long shot. There's a lot of rulings that they stated that there were wrong here -- defense would say we should have been able to bring in more about Michael Jackson's past drug use they were furious that the jury wasn't sequestered. We -- all sorts of issues at the defense can argue. On appeal but any time you've lost in -- in the position we say we're gonna appeal. -- a tough spot at the top spot all right Dan thanks --

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{"id":14903023,"title":"Michael Jackson's Doctor: Jury's Guilty Verdict","duration":"2:28","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the guilty verdict in trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-doctor-conrad-murray-jurys-guilty-verdict-14903023","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}