Jackson's Doctor on Trial: Closing Arguments Begin

Jim Avila brings the latest in the case against Dr. Conrad Murray.
2:00 | 11/03/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jackson's Doctor on Trial: Closing Arguments Begin
Latest on the Conrad Murray trial we're just hours away now from closing arguments in the case -- a California jury will decide whether -- is responsible for Michael Jackson's death. ABC's Jim -- covers a trough Russell needs and wants and more on what we can expect later today good morning Jim. Good morning George lawyers for the prosecution and the defense have been fine tuning their message for the past 36 hours. The prosecution gets two cracks at the jury first and last the defense in the middle because the district attorney's office has the burden of proof. Today lead prosecutor David while Whitfield is expected -- list at least six ways from court testimony that Michael Jackson was killed by his doctor from using couple follows a sleeping aid in -- -- -- without backed up in proper medical equipment. To improper CPR failing to immediately call 911. In keeping no medical records then it's expected the prosecutor will follow up on his emotional opening statement describing Conrad Murray as a greedy doctor. -- unconcerned about his. Patient he left him there abandoned him. To fend for himself. It violates. Not only every standard of care but decency from one human being to another. The prosecution absolutely delivered on everything they promised in their opening statement. The defense is expected to tell -- that its opening statement questions have been answered. First how did my death. And second what happened when the operating. Was out of the room defense witnesses said Jackson was an addict desperate to sleep who swallowed sedatives and injected himself with the fatal blow. Obviously Jackson had a need for drugs he was a junkie. But the third prong the defense promised they didn't deliver that Jackson's self -- start. Now the judge is not put a time limit on closing arguments just telling the attorneys from both sides. The stay focused but it is possible by the end of the day. The jury could get the case.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"Jim Avila brings the latest in the case against Dr. Conrad Murray.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14871957","title":"Jackson's Doctor on Trial: Closing Arguments Begin","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-doctor-conrad-murray-trial-closing-arguments-begin-14871957"}