Michael Jackson's Doctor: Trial Going to Jury

After several hours of closing arguments, the jury to deliberate soon.
2:45 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Doctor: Trial Going to Jury
Conrad Murray his case goes -- the jury later today they'll decide if he's guilty of killing Michael Jackson after weeks of testimony and several hours of impassioned closing arguments yesterday. Maybe she's Jim apple has been there for all of any starts us off this morning good morning Jim. Good morning judge George for the jury itself will be bused from court to court by -- from a secret location this morning. And then they will Begin to pick a foreperson and then Begin deliberating the fate of Conrad Murray. The -- the lawyers themselves and -- -- -- we'll get a two hour notice as to when there's a verdict until then we sit and wait it's the jury's turn to speak. So how can do the right. We'll return with the only right verdict. Guilty it was a final Tug of war of words goals the prosecution to ridiculing Conrad Murray. As an incompetent 150000. Dollar a month greedy opportunist whose negligence resulted in Michael Jackson's. Drug -- Leaving his children. -- they do not have fought. Because of the actions. Of Conrad Murray Murray was a selfless Doctor Who covered his tracks according to the prosecution. Calling 911. After hiding incriminating -- fall bottles of guilty -- -- Putting Michael Jackson his life. Last doctor Margaret is not at all like object. But the defense countered and arguing that Jackson killed himself by injection and saying Marie is not to blame. They want you to convict Doctor Murray. For the actions of Michael -- In fact jurors were told Doctor Murray is a victim of Jackson's celebrity -- If it were anybody else for Michael. Anybody else. With this doctor be here today. Poor Conrad -- Michael Jackson is dead. And we have to hear about core Conrad Murray and -- doctor knows what it's like to be in his shoes if you don't have. Whole Doctor Murray responsible. Don't do it because -- Michael -- This is not a reality show it's reality. And the decisions you make. Is -- making good TV. Is how it affects real human being. -- -- -- The Jackson family seem quite pumped by the prosecution effort. After court they have actually hugged the prosecutor Victoria hugging him in the court in the hallway and then Michael's mother said her excitement was tempered by the fact that. No matter what the verdict Michael Jackson will not be back.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"After several hours of closing arguments, the jury to deliberate soon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14879562","title":"Michael Jackson's Doctor: Trial Going to Jury","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-doctor-conrad-murray-trial-jury-14879562"}