Conrad Murray Defense Attorney on Guilty Verdict

Nareg Gourjian talks to "GMA" about Conrad Murray's conviction.
2:41 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Conrad Murray Defense Attorney on Guilty Verdict
Let's get more on this now from Conrad Murray turning -- -- -- and thanks for joining us this morning mr. gorge in let's Begin. With a report that your client Conrad Murray is now on suicide. Watch are you worried that he suicidal. No not at all he was certainly devastated yesterday by the jury's. Finding he loved mister Jackson -- was horrifying for him to be blamed. To have caused his death however as far as the suicide watch goes further precautionary measures taken by the sheriff's department. Due to the high profile nature of this case it has nothing to do with anything that Doctor Murray. Did -- said such as pro forma. So what's next for you all right now is Conrad Murray certain to appeal. Absolutely. The first thing is we're gonna get ready for the sentencing is you know he faces a maximum of four years in state prison. After the sentencing will Begin his. His appeal and then what do you make of the the judge's decision yesterday to deny bail while you're waiting. That sentencing I saw that Alan Dershowitz. Said this is a sign that the judge is looking to impose a harsh sentence is that -- you read it. That's that's a reasonable expectation. We were all surprised by the judge remanded doctor -- We felt that due to the type of offense and his lack of a prior criminal record. That the judge should have released him on his own recognizance pending the sentencing. But I think the judge's response is a pretty good indication as to how we feels -- possibly how he will respond that the -- so what would -- be arguing his sentencing what do you expect the judge to do. Well there's a number of factors -- the court needs to consider which would be that type of offense. Again doctor -- lack of a -- -- criminal history. Based on that we would hope that the judge would impose a probationary sentence with a little bit -- any county jail time. That's what we're expecting that's who were hoping but again the judge can also imposed a state prison with be a minimum term of being two years. The midterm of three years and the proper term would be four years. What went wrong in this case is there anything you take back -- do differently. I don't think I would does take fact we're doing things differently I think we did the very best that we could considering the circumstances. I think there was a lot of pretrial rulings are were made by the court that -- it really difficult for us we felt there was. Certain evidence that should have been admitted before the jury for the jury have considered it prior to making their decision in this case. -- -- thanks very much for time this morning. Think you.

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{"id":14903323,"title":"Conrad Murray Defense Attorney on Guilty Verdict","duration":"2:41","description":"Nareg Gourjian talks to \"GMA\" about Conrad Murray's conviction.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-doctor-conrad-murrays-defense-attorney-guilty-14903323","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}