Michael Jackson's Music Opens New Cirque Du Soleil

Mesmerizing acrobat show opens new version featuring King of Pop's music.
5:12 | 10/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Jackson's Music Opens New Cirque Du Soleil
The music of Michael Jackson and mesmerizing -- a circus so lay the show is just opened in Motown. Right where it all began for the Jackson 5 handgun that's in droves now for a backstage look at this doesn't -- -- this morning again. That's right I'm back again. The artists of circus so -- have have put together an extraordinary. Show packed with music that we all love and of course. The dance moves designed to celebrate the legacy of the one and only. The King of -- What do you get when you see the magical dance superficial way. And here's the powerhouse legendary sound of Michael Jackson's voice -- You get quite an experience. It's called Michael Jackson the immortal world tour. It -- debuted last week in Detroit. I got a sneak peek backstage show in Montreal. Now that Clinton side. Two hours of no one's -- Michael Michael. Michael's mother Brothers and his kids were all on hand for the history making -- Premium we can't -- who didn't win. This kind of emotional for me good to them. It was very very -- done -- He -- -- what was that like. Watching it with Michael's -- Nerve -- Because you know -- Brothers have been there. -- him from the start and for the pilots on pins and needles. Travis -- longtime collaborator of Michaels is one of ten. That's right ten choreographers on the show. I thought he'd teach me Michael moved into -- The jury yes. And read the note read you are in my OK but did you teach me a couple moved faster to help let's do something they don't realize all over the paso doble. -- and boom box. There are dozens of wigs hundreds of props and costumes even great stills. We all know what song goes -- for wrong continent through. Remote controlled Michael this many Michael robot has an incredible moment in the show you just have to go -- -- to believe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cool -- Michaels costumes all those years. That you really didn't have a stance. While back. I love this jacket so much I almost didn't take it off. And it's an -- and a single one of these at the end -- -- days. Don't recently -- -- -- excellence. I even put a hat from warm salt on with a jacket from another. I got a little dizzy. And so although it's a -- down -- ago was this -- today does his trial in LA. Had any effect on the -- -- this production. I'm certain that the child has an affect on us all but the thing is. That with Michael the good always outweighed the bad and you know this show and ability to be here is a bright light. The middle of all that darkness. What do you capture Michael Jackson's -- The different points in the show different fans will get pulled into this world a different points and that's what I get when -- exit the crowd and I watched fans reaction to the entire show. -- -- seen you see what happens to raise. There's it looks like joy and then it looks like tears and then it looks like. The majesty it looks at everything that Michael was -- it's here. He left behind a legacy -- music that's going to drive this world from now until the end of time. I felt like a kid in the candy store backstage big block -- real loaded -- finger. And I thought like some great video moments of the past I can along with the day. The cookbook yeah. To get me what -- -- just that good -- thing in the world. That's what -- missing. Well you can't. Make -- -- show in Detroit don't worry about of the immortal world tour will be stopping in fifty cities across the US and in Canada with an extended stay in Las Vegas. For the month of December Georgie do not want in this slash -- Donald C do -- on a tip. But. Thanks -- I don't haven't brought -- that if you -- do.

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{"id":14752762,"title":"Michael Jackson's Music Opens New Cirque Du Soleil","duration":"5:12","description":"Mesmerizing acrobat show opens new version featuring King of Pop's music.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-music-opens-cirque-de-soleil-14752762","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}