Michael Keaton Talks About His New Film About McDonald's, 'The Founder'

The actor plays Ray Kroc, the business tycoon behind McDonald's in the upcoming film.
4:43 | 01/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Keaton Talks About His New Film About McDonald's, 'The Founder'
guest is part of an exclusive club, actors who have said those famous words, I am Batman. I didn't do it as well and starred in back-to-back Oscar winning movies and is in the movie about the man behind McDonald's golden arches. Everybody, please welcome Michael Keaton. How are you doing? Over here. Oh, yeah. Go. We put you here. Absolutely. I'll stand. Fabulous. Michael Keaton, congratulations. Another one, another great movie. Pretty good. McDonald's, something we drive past them every single day. Ubiquitous. The story behind it, who knew? Not me. Not me either. Amy and I both saw it last night. We were like, unbelievable story. You know, it changed culture really. It changed the way we eat and live, you know, we are a portable society and a throwaway society. I mean this, guy was an amazing character and I had no idea of the story behind it. I just thought, sorry, I got a little cold here. I just thought -- if you think -- most people think they know the story of ray Kroc. You definitely don't and I didn't even know that there were McDonald's brothers. Who were pretty great and how great are those guys. Those actors, what were their names. John andick Offerman just makes me laugh and so great in this and Laura Dern and the whole group. On the one hand the real McDonald's brothers, they wouldn't have anything without ray Kroc. On the other hand they kind of didn't want anything. They ended up with almost nothing from ray Kroc too. It's not the lightest of tales toward the end of the story because, you know, ray was not exactly kind -- Ambitious. You know, I really admire his work ethic. I mean, this is a guy who unlike some people didn't inherit anything. No and he never ever wavered in his belief in himself which tees us up for a clip. Is that okay? Can I show everybody? Can't beat that. Roll 'em. I am looking to are a few good men and women who aren't afraid of hard work, aren't afraid to roll up share sleeves. I'm looking for hustlers. Guys willing to roll up their sleeves. Drive, got a little fire in their belly. Chutzpah. I stand right before you here today and I'm going to offer you something as precious as gold. You know what that is, anybody, anybody? Opportunities. Selling milk shake makers to the brothers, the one McDonald's location in San Bernardino and saw, wow, these guys are on to something. I think they asked for six which, you know, he's out -- ray had gone -- he had ups and downs but was doing very well in his life and then like everybody else would go through some dry spells and he was not at a high point necessarily when he got this call and they were asking for six -- Milk shake makers. He thought he hit the jackpot. He drives to the west coast and finds these guys and saw it, he had a vision and saw what this could be. I have to tell you, you're rooting for him but he's an anti-hero. You feel terrible for the brothers but get why Roy -- ray. And Roy. Roy Rogers, no, "Birdman," "Spotlight," now "The founder." You're on a roll. Thanks, thanks. Now, we're doing good. The stage, you know, you've made a few movies. Did you ever imagine that you'd be where you are with this body of work this run that you've had recently That's the thing, I always wanted -- I just wanted, frankly I -- all I still want is to be good. I want to see how good I can get and keep working hard and try to see if I can get as good as I can, you know, in the job that I took on. So, did I ever imagine it? I probably sat around and did imagine it, but I'm not sure I knew that it would ever happen. You know, when I started doing this I wanted to see if I could make a living, you know. I think it's working out. Yeah, it's working out. Michael Keaton, thank you. "The founder," love this film. So great to see you. How about these shoes. How about the suit. The guy knows how to dress.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"The actor plays Ray Kroc, the business tycoon behind McDonald's in the upcoming film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44799166","title":"Michael Keaton Talks About His New Film About McDonald's, 'The Founder' ","url":"/GMA/video/michael-keaton-talks-film-mcdonalds-founder-44799166"}