Michael Peterson Murder Conviction Thrown Out

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the judge's decision to free the writer.
5:12 | 12/16/11

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Transcript for Michael Peterson Murder Conviction Thrown Out
We bring in GMA legal analyst Dan Abrams here in the studio with me and in Atlanta Nancy Grace the host of Nancy Grace on -- and good morning to you both -- -- from -- start with you. The judge's ruling what do you think of that. Well I understand why the judge ruled the way he did -- -- find out a witness has been untruthful in the past. It can affect the outcome of its. -- in this case however what this witness said in this trial was not deemed to be a problem -- I I much more concerned about this. I'm more concerned about. The yet takes that Peterson has pulled in the past to get new trial including that a wild Al flew into the home and attacked his wife. And that's why she was killed. I'm also concerned about Elizabeth Ratliff -- name not many people remember. The last a woman that was found at the bottom of a staircase with seven. Identical lacerations to the head just like -- -- last person with her. Michael Peterson the original in -- so much of the trial that we don't hear about. -- -- those are legitimate concerns but this isn't just a witness that this is saying absolutely crucial what you're talking about. How this woman died in this was the blood spatter expert. And you had his own colleagues coming in and saying. That they think he exaggerated findings you have national experts coming in and saying that his testimony was a problem. So this is not just you know some harmless random -- This is one of the most important witnesses in the case and we have they got a given a trial and it was an independent panel. Who came to this conclusion that he had been less and forthright in a lot of cases. -- arguing about that. I'm not arguing about that Indiana's right but if you examine. The testimony that they are looking at he pumped up -- and credentials he popped up his testing techniques. That's not to say he lied about its conclusions in this trial I understand as -- -- at the outset why the judge did this. But I think it would have been wiser to keep Peterson behind bars where he belongs awaiting a new trial and that is entirely possible under. Our jurisprudence system but there are other issues that are here to an appeals court found that the search warrant was. Issued improperly used and they use that to be able to get the motive for the crime Patrick -- is that the third search. They XEQ did and this is widest reach -- -- a -- -- a real issue. Because of some of the evidence Nazis laying out -- true meaning he's got some some issues and some problems here but the prosecutors I think you're gonna have a real uphill battle. I hear because now you've got this discredited witness. And you've got evidence that they won't be able to present they were able to percent in the first trial. And you've got faded memories of -- so -- you have a case here where this guy I've really might get acquitted now in a retry. It is very difficult. Not -- not for the prosecution this time around Nancy. Well having retry cases. Fifteen years after the original conviction. On a murder trial -- in the first -- I ever had to try. Was a case that have been tried fifteen years before I mean I hadn't even been a loss still at that time so. It demonstrate that the evidence in this case. I think we're -- see another conviction. And when you guys were talking about how happy the family is paltry one person is not happy that I -- -- many occasions that is the victim's daughter. She was not on the front -- of cheering the release of a convicted killer and another thing in and talk about. Money a -- point five million dollar life insurance policy he had on her. It was in his name and the fact not only are there male escorts. In his past. Going on at the time of the marriage not only that this guy the novelist at -- but in years he was living off her. -- I didn't get that that -- that all may be the case but I think that when this goes to trial. You're still gonna have real issues for the prostitute Nancy mentioned before the -- the Al just to put it -- context explain what's not happening is that it's -- -- -- -- registered as wild theory. The summit presented that she was actually attacked. By and how. And I -- -- I don't know -- -- courts added that -- and that explains the wounds on her head because they actually found its weakness in this most Smithsonian. Has actually backed up. This allegation that there was actually an owl feather found etc. so you may see some sort of wacky theories presented when this. I knowing prayed Dan Abrams I can only pray they bring in that theory that a wild. Al caused seven lacerations on her -- ANC bled to death over a two hour. Here yet. I think they'd probably be Smart to avoid the wild wild -- -- although look at the recipient and I really do but there -- a lot of people have been talking about this in the aftermath this case. Signed -- and and it's especially so there's a lot more to this case a lot more to -- -- have a great weekend thank you very much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- can't agree on time thanks --

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{"id":15169288,"title":"Michael Peterson Murder Conviction Thrown Out","duration":"5:12","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the judge's decision to free the writer.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-peterson-murder-conviction-thrown-15169288","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}