Michael Schumacher Hospitalized After Ski Accident

The Formula 1 legend's doctors say he is in an induced coma and fighting for his life.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for Michael Schumacher Hospitalized After Ski Accident
Well, now, fans are praying for a sports legend. One of the greatest race car drivers of all time, michael schumacher, is fighting for his life this morning after a terrible ski accident that left him in a comb mae. Here's alec marquardt with the details. Reporter: Michael schumacher was skiing with his son, wearing a helmet when he fell and hit his head on a rock. At first, just dazed. His injury described as not serious. The severity became clear. He was rushed to brain specialists in southern france where he went right into surgery for a brain hemorrhage. This morning, schumacher's drrs say they're working hour by hour. And that it's impossible to say what will happen. But that without a helmet, he would certainly be dead. The news is a crushing blow to the legions of worldwide fans who affectionately call him schumy. He's nothing short of a legend in formula one. He dominated for almost two decad decades. A world champion a record seven times. He's a racing driver. Like most racing drivers, he loves to push things to the limit. He was racing motorcycles last year. He was sky-diving. Reporter: He's an experienced skier. But the latest high-proe time stloebt be hurt in a ski accident. In 2009, actress natasha richardson, wife of liam neeson, died after hitting her head. Sonny bono crashed into a tree in 1998 and died. Just days after michael kennedy did the same while playing a game of football on skis with family pebs members in aspen. He is known on the track for determination to win. Determination he'll need now more than ever to recover. Alex, our thanks to you.

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{"id":21367163,"title":"Michael Schumacher Hospitalized After Ski Accident","duration":"3:00","description":"The Formula 1 legend's doctors say he is in an induced coma and fighting for his life.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-schumacher-hospitalized-ski-accident-21367163","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}