‘GMA’ Surprises Michael Strahan Before NFL Hall of Fame Induction

Former teammates and football colleagues offer their best wishes to the former NY Giants defensive end.
4:47 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA’ Surprises Michael Strahan Before NFL Hall of Fame Induction
Test Text1 ? Michael, this is usually your segment open Mike but I'm hijacking it today for a very, very good reason. Listen to that song. ? Oh. Standing in the hall of fame by the script. You know why we're playing it. This weekend, Saturday, you are being inducted into the NFL hall of fame. Congratulations. Thank you, thank you. Thank you. I'm not going to cry. Promises he's not going to cry. We'll see Saturday. But first take a look at this. Michael Strahan. Quarterback killer. Michael Strahan. Strahan. Strahan. Record breaker. Gets the record. Reporter: And now hall of famer. Michael Strahan didn't just play the game, he changed it. Michael, just want to say congratulations on going into the hall of fame this weekend. It is an honor that is truly deserved by you and it was an honor for me to be your teammate for all those years. Reporter: 15 epic seasons as the New York giants star defensive end, 868 tackles, 7 pro bowls, 141.5 sacks against 64 different quarterbacks. Crumbling all the greats from Brett Favre to Tom Brady. Strahan! He gets the sack. Congratulations, Michael, on your hall of fame career. It'll be a great induction ceremony. You certainly deserve it and you're one of the best that ever played. It was a privilege to play against you and congratulations. Have a great weekend. Michael's military dad always told him those six day a week practices would pay off and they sure did. Now the greatest honor for one of the greatest players ever to take the field. Michael, we're so proud of you here. We're so excited about coming to Canton this weekend and seeing you enshrined in the pro football hall of fame. We look forward to seeing your bust there among the great giants who are enshrined there and believe me, you deserve it, big guy, and you are a great giant. Oh. That is -- Nice. Remember, you said you weren't going to cry. You have to make it through. Then you got Tom Brady my opponent to say something nice. There's power with this show. He has forgiven you for sacking him which is a very moving moment. The surprises are not over yet. We have a special guest in the studio right now. Come on out. Howie long from fox. Brother, Howie, how are you doing? We're the only two guys who can lift me up make me feel like a kid. I heard you have something big going on this week so got off my boat in Montana and hopped on a plane and came out here. I love you. I love you too. I appreciate it. I get to follow in your footsteps. What a lot don't know, Howie and I had the same coach earl leg G Leggett. If Howie went over in a row of 20 guys, I could recognize his butt because we watched so much film of the great Howie long. It's a bond that goes beyond fox and playing football. We were brought up by the same guy and he was a remarkable coach who had a great coach in Mike waffle who now ironically enough coaches my son in St. Louis but earl challenged us and took us places physically and emotionally and I don't think either one of us knew we could get to. What's your favorite Michael memory? Golly, there's so many. Football. Football. The interesting thing is, you know, I go back to it always goes back to the same thing. When earl called me up and said, it was around 1992, '93 when you were coming out, he said I got the next one. He's a little higher cut than you. He's got longer legs. I'm a little lower cut and he said, he said something to both of us that I thought was very prophetic. He said if you do what I tell you to do and you work as hard as you possibly can, I'll make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams and make you a household name in every home in America. Top of the world, mom! How about that? He did it. This is surreal. I feel like a little boy right now. You guys are getting to me. Kind of shrinking a little. I am. Humble too. It's nice. You know what, because none of this I ever imagined. I ever dreamed -- I loved Howie and all the other guys and just wanted to be a great player and live up to what the guys were in the hall of fame had done before so I'm just honored you guys did this today. A great guy. I'm sure the folks here at "Good morning America" are starting to realize what a great guy you are. Something we've known at fox for some time.

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{"id":24786129,"title":"‘GMA’ Surprises Michael Strahan Before NFL Hall of Fame Induction","duration":"4:47","description":"Former teammates and football colleagues offer their best wishes to the former NY Giants defensive end.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-strahan-induction-nfl-hall-fame-24786129","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}