Michael Strahan to Join Kelly Ripa as Co-Host of 'Live!'

Kelly Ripa on choosing the football star as her new permanent co-host.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Strahan to Join Kelly Ripa as Co-Host of 'Live!'
Really so excited for our -- it was a big reveal this morning Kelly for rolled out the red carpet for her new super guy supersize is closed Super Bowl champion Michael -- and here's a little sampling of what happen. -- -- me great pleasure to introduce -- the newest member of our life family we are honored. Okay. Some years when I was -- -- formula Sports Illustrated and ESPN. Terrific always a topic he needed a notebook filled you went to Michael Strahan and now will be up to one mornings. And to discuss him it is now -- how. Half of that duo uptown joining us on the phone the woman of the hour -- -- but I everybody. Okay. And. -- -- Were so good but more importantly how are you what a big day yeah. Well let's grow up here -- the -- I wouldn't he I would hate to think that -- got this morning that I -- and I will be getting I had played. -- -- -- -- -- I didn't even think. We -- couldn't be happier Michael -- felt like that and opt out of picking good people like LTE. Every -- the liquor that. You know Kelly as we I think you'll hear a gay one. You have 59 people sit next to you over this the -- -- it. Almost -- felt it was right almost the search itself to get to settle on Michael Strahan Sanjay have been still pouting over -- the course of. I'm not kidding I'm kidding but -- -- why Michael. -- I don't even Michael had made him the right balloting. While for an hour. He -- reverend irony -- -- -- can't. He -- -- failing to try -- on camera. And he can't handyman and he learned he can't handle. Intimate partner in American life on the -- and that's like our show really -- you know -- -- -- when he made it everyday where -- your -- out how our lives and T really. He sure does I want to ask you was at that moment when he. Did the magic Mike that really speaking of intimate in May to have been a good right now. -- -- yeah and I yeah Paris and pretty I don't -- I I. Probably -- -- me and he was scared me yeah. I didn't and they may have blacked and it I have bulked up. There are black -- and it might actually get it flatly stated I think he'd be at Collins. They tell eight congratulations from all of -- here -- -- -- congratulations that's just wonderful. Okay.

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{"id":17151074,"title":"Michael Strahan to Join Kelly Ripa as Co-Host of 'Live!'","duration":"3:00","description":"Kelly Ripa on choosing the football star as her new permanent co-host.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-strahan-join-kelly-ripa-host-live-17151074","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}