Michael Strahan Making the Leap to 'Live!'?

Former N.Y. Giant star has entertained "Live! With Kelly" fans with his numerous guest stints.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Transcript for Michael Strahan Making the Leap to 'Live!'?
We told you wednesday that former nfl star, michael strahan, topped the short list of possible new co-hosts to take regis' chair next to kelly. So, how will the former giants player transform into a full-time talkw host? Abc's linsey davis is here to explain how he made the possible leap to "live." Reporter: There may be a new page in michael strahan's play book. The former football player has worn many hats. But now, the 40-year-old is reportedly ready to tackle something new. Jump off the line. That's strahan. Reporter: On the football field, michael strahan was one of the most feared players of his time. The seven-time pro bowler was known for his bone-crunching tackles and his punishing plays. A giant playing for the giants. At a mammoth 255 pounds. Michael strahan. Reporter: Since he retired in 2008, the former super bowl champ has slimmed down significantly. And gone from gridiron gladiator to a more genteel gentleman. After hanging up his cleats, strahan has been a sought-after pitchman. Doing comedic ads for subway, vaseline and dr. Pepper. Come on, mike. Reporter: He's been featured in sitcoms like nbc's "chuck." I don't fight girls. Reporter: Gone are his signatese glar and scowl. His new face is a gap-tooth grin. He's more than just a football player. He's done comedy bits throughout his career. We know him as a funny guy. Reporter: And now, it's widely reported that the 6'5" strahan has been chosen to be 5'3" kelly ripa's permanent co-host. -B byeye, everybody. Reporter: Since regis philbin left the show last year, ripa has had many people sit beside her. Kelly ripa, make no mistake, is the boss. Reporter: Ripa and strahan are both parents. The 40-year-old has four children from two previous marriages. And he is also currently engaged to eddie murphy's ex-wife, nicole murphy. For now, all-eyes will be on how he clicks with his other wife. His work wife. While strahan's playing days are behind him, many are hoping he's still a winner. The roster of football players to make the switch from the gridiron to morning tv is actually rather small. But the two who attempted it on a smaller scale, tiki barber. Both giants. And people don't recognize him until they see the gap in his tooth. That's charming. Linsey, thanks very much. Coming up, josh with "the play of the day". And how soon is too soon to leave your baby behind and go on

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{"id":17063929,"title":"Michael Strahan Making the Leap to 'Live!'?","duration":"3:00","description":"Former N.Y. Giant star has entertained \"Live! With Kelly\" fans with his numerous guest stints.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-strahan-making-leap-live-kelly-rippa-17063929","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}