Michael Symon's Braised Chicken Fennel

Co-host of "The Chew" offers fantastic autumn recipes for your family.
3:37 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Michael Symon's Braised Chicken Fennel
You're gonna do is have a couple of thoughts for Thanksgiving but this is something to sustain you. Until the taking -- I wouldn't want a victory what you can do this -- Turkey legs and -- to work and -- chicken legs and thighs. But it didn't that the -- -- at the great simple student who saw just took some chicken legs and thighs. Seasonable salt and proper -- that nothing France's. -- -- What a little bit of olive oil -- very. But there's no -- from your -- -- the good guys always loved the physical. So -- made sure -- -- really hot accorded him inside now. And when that's when it gets noise and Christine. -- just -- -- -- but we want that could come. Think about every -- I don't have wondered what the what. I pulled out of the pair have on our car drove in the notably through I had -- -- and company. We didn't just the fastest he had been rendered and that we start with you don't need anymore so hard news. -- -- -- -- And my potatoes is beautiful just a beautiful reds didn't put -- previewed sweet potato from. You're trying to -- it should and we give this a really not a good picture called let's go Kart for farm life. And -- -- to develop and had earlier debate for the for the could be in the regular appearances -- put anything related to chicken out for a little while widening. Gary I just look at the -- full moon and then -- that read his book about them. And then what about the wolf I look forward kind of drama normalized per pound -- on the market town. Everything just gets -- and formalize the men and and we paid the ticket that we fear. And I put it right safe effective and then got away for me for what it right back and withdrew from and I start -- -- to get all the flavor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have a little -- -- white line. And it's about a medium high heat. We hear a little but it doesn't stop. -- -- -- -- like to given. And that water could get about three quarters of the way out and make sure the good -- -- who seasoned with salt and pepper. Almost comparable whenever I -- like to raise the lakers are one for the back from atop the pop pop the top vote could have been. -- flipped over. Fifth gold topped the war you know in the -- -- -- it like she -- -- -- 375. Degree oven and it'll be. -- -- brutal cold and that's what we're for a couple hours. I love making me. I'm here because we're not a lot of work and can get him on the -- with. Paul happy event after every. To -- -- more from under -- players who went up to definitely. Besides -- enjoy that we wanted to have a little bit of plum because the holidays -- coming up but you decided to make -- the holidays we have a little bit of with a Little -- what really went on another day. Speaking of imitator got covered under the watch the did you guys -- you don't walk and roll. -- there's really no all container to. -- the -- -- -- Americans are a couple different sides actually today on the children were hurt but we don't that you were doing Thanksgiving for the next. So we're -- show every side has ever been. Everything if you name it we're gonna give you -- -- on Thanksgiving.

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{"id":14955594,"title":"Michael Symon's Braised Chicken Fennel","duration":"3:37","description":"Co-host of \"The Chew\" offers fantastic autumn recipes for your family.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-symons-braised-chicken-fennel-14955594","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}