Michele Bachmann Down for the Count?

There are calls for once tea party favorite to step down.
2:31 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for Michele Bachmann Down for the Count?
Race for the White House your voice your vote and this morning is Tea Party darling Michelle -- fallen out of favor with the Tea Party. Rock minuet one point remember she was the candidate to -- she's now being urged to drop out by one major Tea Party -- to what's going on here ABC's -- play. On the case good morning good morning Daniel -- humans have an important everyone left in the topsy turvy battle for the Republican nomination probably. No one's fortunes have soured as much as Michelle Bachmann -- Now adding grievous insult to an already injured campaign the leader of one of the tea parties factions has turned all the woman who is one of the earliest supporters of the Tea Party movement. I have a yeah. Just ten weeks ago Michelle Bachman was surging. Winning the Iowa straw -- Take -- to the bank cashed -- check out winning praise for her steady debate performances. I will not rest and -- repeal. Obamacare. Bachmann is facing bids if she can't focus on those things what the Tea Party really is about. Sunnis the exit stage right the Minnesota congresswoman is now taking fire from some of the very people should get counted on the Tea Party. One Tea Party leader says she should get out of the race now the longer she stays in the race I think the more potential is there for there to be damaged the Tea Party brand. Bachmann who considers herself a founding member of the Tea Party and the leader of -- congressional delegation fired back. It certainly isn't a blow to my campaign because I had. Nonstop support coming out of the woodwork from Tea Party years of all across the country. But last week -- entire New Hampshire staff resigned on -- International poll numbers have dropped she was at 10% in August and now 4%. He's going to be up against Rick Perry. Herman Cain and now the person is at the top of the polls in Iowa -- nobody thought was gonna play there. His Mitt Romney. Bachmann is showing no signs of giving up. But the future of her candidacy relies on winning just one state Iowa. And that is why you'll see her in the Hawkeye State more than any other between now and January 3 caucus day. And Bachmann went on to suggest that supporters of Texas governor Rick Perry were behind Ryan's call for her to leave the race she dismissed it. As a clumsy stealth move but the fact remains that Bachmann campaign is struggling and if she does not win in Iowa -- she trail right now badly they're in the polls. She's going to be in serious and may be irreversible trouble.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"There are calls for once tea party favorite to step down. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14840912","title":"Michele Bachmann Down for the Count?","url":"/GMA/video/michele-bachmann-count-14840912"}