Michelle Obama Announced as Guest Star on 'Nashville'

Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.
2:42 | 04/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michelle Obama Announced as Guest Star on 'Nashville'
"Pop news" with Sara Haines. I'm going to start off with a word that you don't hear me say in "Pop." Get ready, flotus is coming to town. Michelle Obama has been announced as a guest star in the hit show "Nashville." We're told she will play herself. But we know the story line will involve Connie Britton's character getting her friends together for a charity Conners. Kellie pickler is also set to star in the episode. "Nashville" is on Wednesdays here on ABC. That's a cool appearance. Love that show. You can get your politics for the day. Maybe not. Tune in for "Nashville." And Kate Upton is no stranger to bikinis. It's basically her uniform in her line of work. But that didn't stop the supermodel from getting stage fright when it came to filming a beach scene in her movie "The other woman." She got a serious case of nerves with 60 people on set staring at her. I imagine that happens every day in her life. But luckily her co-stars, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, supported her, running alongside her on the beach. We'll hear from Kate, Cameron and Wednesday, when they join us Wednesday on "Gma." Up next and getting buzz, Brian Bautista, an usher, he took a break from assisting customers to sing the national anthem at the nets versus Knicks game. And one word, wow. ♪ Oh say, does that star-spangled banner ♪ ♪ yet wave ♪ After singing, we're told Brian went back to work. I think he's going to have a new job some time soon. When he headlines Barclays, he will have made it. That's a reminder of how much undiscovered talent there is out there. 3-year-old Eva with a thoughtfulness way beyond her years. She is becoming the queen of vine videos. First, her tip for picking up boys. You have to flirt. Hey, bud. If that doesn't work, she's crafted the perfect comeback. If you need to win her back, don't forget the nuts. Don't forget the nuts. Get my nuts. Get my nuts. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23391910","title":"Michelle Obama Announced as Guest Star on 'Nashville'","url":"/GMA/video/michelle-obama-announced-guest-star-nashville-23391910"}