Michigan Coach Kept Football Player in Game After Big Hit

Critics concerned that quarterback was still in the game despite appearing dazed and wobbly on the field.
2:25 | 09/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan Coach Kept Football Player in Game After Big Hit
friendly. We turn to the devastating hit on the football field that has people calling for manager mlg's toobl coach to be fired. He kept his quarterback in the game even though the player was clearly dazed and wobbly from the hit. Reporter: It's been almost 48 hours since that game. It's still unclear if Michigan quarterback Shane Morris suffered a concussion. Medical information is private. Fans are worried because of this hit you're about to see. This does not look good to me. Reporter: Take a look at this hit. It's brutal from any angle. University of Michigan quarterback Shane Morris, already suffering a leg injury, steam-rolled by Minnesota's thierron Cochran. ESPN announcers say it looked like a concussive hit. He can barely stand up. They have to get him out of the ball game. Reporter: Many say the real danger is what happens next. It's appalling he was left in on that play. Reporter: The sophomore nearly falling over when he tried to walk. He stays in for one more play but goes to the sideline. Familiarity the quarter, he goes back in. You can't make the diagnosis purely on observation. There were elements that you saw in his behavior that raised concern. Reporter: At a post game news conference, coach hoke said he didn't know Morris was wobbly. I didn't see him. I can only answer for me. Reporter: Morris, eventually carted off the field. Shane wanted to be the quarterback. And so, believe me, if he didn't want to be, he would have -- come to the sideline. Or stayed down. Reporter: After the hit, Morris did wave off someone on the sideline, possibly signaling he wanted to play. If you're the head coach, Brady hoke, how can you not know what your quarterback is going through? How can you not see that? How can you not say, okay, get him out of here? Reporter: Now, after the game, Michigan head coach Brady hoke released a statement saying that Morris was evaluated on the sideline and we're confident medical decision were made. Just this year, two division I quarterbacks calling it hits after sustaining multiple concussions. There was no reason for him to stay in for the first play right after. And what athlete is going the say, coach, I'm out. They want to be there. Young players like that are not going to take themselves out. It's the coach's responsibility and the staff. Lara, you have much happier

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Critics concerned that quarterback was still in the game despite appearing dazed and wobbly on the field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25832966","title":"Michigan Coach Kept Football Player in Game After Big Hit","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-coach-football-player-game-big-hit-25832966"}