Michigan Girl's Shocking 911 Call

Two intruders rob house while girl hides behind her bed.
1:49 | 12/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan Girl's Shocking 911 Call
Michigan girl is being praised by police this morning after a true nightmare she was sick -- home alone burglars broke into her apartment. She was listening in fact -- they got closer and closer to her room but somehow. She was able to keep -- wits about her. -- BC's Ron Claiborne has the rest of the story. In the movie taken a teenage girl hides from intruders who have broken into the apartment where she's staying. Similar scenario played out in Harrison Township Michigan only this whose real that he had a lot and at that can guard. They -- Iraq. Thirteen year old Chloe symington was all alone in her family's home when she heard something nine run run -- -- emergency. -- -- little warmer than my -- -- about who someone was inside two intruders going from room to room looking for things to steal. And look down to see a guy looking through the Caleb. OK Larry -- And him much and. She hears the -- approaching her room she -- -- between her bed and the wall like this. It was too late they are now entering her room one of them is actually standing just a few feet away from -- Where you landed -- that won't look. Awfully quiet can work and okay. Somehow the intruders don't see year finally they lead with the family's Christmas -- and head for their van parked down the street. Where the police are -- suspects are not to be -- nineteen year old man in fact one of them wasn't -- -- of Chloe to would be into the house before. -- thirteen year old girl took to criminals off the street with her composure and her strengthen them and we can't ask for more than that. Ron Claiborne ABC news New York.

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{"id":15187704,"title":"Michigan Girl's Shocking 911 Call","duration":"1:49","description":"Two intruders rob house while girl hides behind her bed. ","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-girls-shocking-911-call-hiding-bed-robbery-15187704","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}