Michigan Lawyer, Sons Car Bombed: New Clues

Special agents created a profile of the person they think planted the car bomb.
2:39 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan Lawyer, Sons Car Bombed: New Clues
New developments in the mysterious car bombing case of the Michigan lawyer and his two sons it happened back in September and it is still unsolved. The police are now releasing new clues about how it happened. And -- Lindsey Davis is tracking the story she's here with the new details good morning good morning toward some chilling new details and. Actually agents have also created a profile of the person who they think is behind this violent crime. They say this is someone who was very knowledgeable about electronics and metalworking someone who was willing to kill innocent children and the kind of person who -- the motto. I don't get -- I get even. Look at these dramatic pictures of this car bombing. Trapped inside a father and his two young sons. How well do it. I've got significant leg injuries or -- -- pretty good they are -- army along here. Eric Chappelle who was driving -- eleven and thirteen year old boys -- football practice described the families panic inside the inferno. There was mayhem with inside the car. We were all dazed and some screaming that was occurring in the night and noticed that there were flames that were coming up on both my side and then the side on the passenger side. Amazingly. All three survived but with serious injuries the boy's -- lower significant injuries to their legs. And -- areas myself. It was limited to injuries on my right arm. And -- I had some facial injuries as well there are all expected to make full recoveries. The authorities believe that -- an Ohio lawyer known for frequently handling messy divorce cases was the target. The chillingly the bomber was also willing to kill his innocent children. Police now say the car bomb that reduce the family Volvo -- -- was constructed using parts from toy cars with the remote control debt. -- -- would require some proximity. In order to detonated. And if they were in any proximity there would have had to have known. That the boys -- in the car. No arrests have been made in this case but Chappelle has gone back to work they'll all too aware of the inherent risks that comes along with litigation. It's fairly distance. -- that. As a result of doing your job. That he would end up in the situation that we and then in the last six months. Chappelle and his son suffered some very serious injuries but again they're all expected to make full recoveries. Meanwhile the ATF has upped the reward money now offering 20000 dollars to anyone with information leading to an arrest there's some speculation. About who's responsible for this the police are not -- Former client -- -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15934945,"title":"Michigan Lawyer, Sons Car Bombed: New Clues","duration":"2:39","description":"Special agents created a profile of the person they think planted the car bomb.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-lawyer-sons-car-bombed-clues-15934945","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}