Police Eye Silver Minivan in Search for Missing Mother

Jessica Heeringa, 25, vanished after her late night shift at a gas station.
2:03 | 04/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Eye Silver Minivan in Search for Missing Mother
karlinsky, abc news, seattle. Neal, thanks for that. The young michigan woman who vanished while working a late shift at a gas station. Police are zeroing in on a suspicious driver of a van seen in the area that night and alex perez has the story. Reporter: This newly released video shows a silver minivan police are trying to track down. Cameras from a nearby business captured the images shortly after jessica heeringa disappeared. What is your emergency. Reporter: For the first time we're hearing the moment someone realized something was very wrong. There's nobody here. There's a car here. There's another car out front. But it's very suspicious why there's nobody here. Reporter:25-year-old gas station attendant jessica heeringa vanished sometime in the 20 minutes before a customer made this newly released 911 call. At 11:15 friday night. It's still open, right? Yeah, you know, the cashier is supposed to be there. You know, but I don't see anybody. Reporter: Heeringa has just rung up her last customer at 10:55 and was about to end her late night shift at this exxonmobil station in michigan. That silver minivan was seen near the back of the station around the same time. Now police are zeroing in on those 20 minutes when they say someone grabbed her. We tend to believe it is someone either that she knows like an acquaintance or someone that she knows through the store maybe a customer. Reporter: Investigators interviewed and cleared several persons of interest including heeringa's fiance all passed lie detector tests. Michigan state police helicopters have joined the search for the young mother and her family says they won't stop looking. You just want to find her, you know, I don't like to think about what may have happened. Reporter: And family members say jessica's little 3-year-old son has not been told his mommy is missing. Friends and family members plan on having a special candlelight vigil here near the gas station later tonight, josh, robin.

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{"id":19072270,"title":"Police Eye Silver Minivan in Search for Missing Mother","duration":"2:03","description":"Jessica Heeringa, 25, vanished after her late night shift at a gas station.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-mother-jessica-heeringa-missing-north-shores-gas-19072270","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}