Michigan Tornadoes: Homes Damaged and Destroyed

Extremely rare twisters touched down right outside of Detroit.
3:19 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Michigan Tornadoes: Homes Damaged and Destroyed
Those extremely rare and destructive twisters that touched down right outside of Detroit. -- -- -- -- -- is live in Dexter Michigan were so many homes we see there were destroyed -- Robin there were 3 tornadoes reported in eastern Michigan yesterday the one that devastated the home behind me -- completely leveled the house next door. Has left hundreds in this neighborhood alone. Displaced. This is some of the earliest tornado action on record this far north and it was all caught on tape. -- -- -- It's the warning before a possible tornado in Monroe counties I didn't Township Michigan. Don't let the nervous laughter pool equipment. In Dexter Michigan Matthew -- to build a simple thing -- friends when they looked up and saw picks. It's true. He says he was scared but managed to capture a -- of the -- Started yelling and the wind was so loud -- -- -- -- is extremely scary and -- best you -- shelter. Well yeah. That same Dexter tornado greeted these workers. This storm pelted parts of the Ann Arbor with golf ball sized hail. Dexter from the year reveals books and second stories ripped off homes some were completely eliminated. Sirens were blaring and there was plenty of warning but for this mother it's still all happened so quickly. And shut the door and prayed. And and how they -- we kept calling her husbands and telling them not to come home in some cases there wasn't much left to come home to. This father insisted. His daughter shelter in the bathroom she says there wasn't much time to thinks -- just do -- you don't even have enough time to prayer. Get yourself -- by a minute just -- you sit there and wait who just hope that you're going to be there at the end. Still imagine as and that car was in the garage but the rise was hooked -- the home nothing is left. It is incredible after seeing these pictures and seeing what we've seen this morning that no one was killed and no one seriously injured. This is my home state here Michigan I hate coming back for this reason but very good news there. Preliminary reports put this tornado at an -- two rating that would be winds up to 100 and. Thirty miles per hour. All of the reports will be surveyed. Later today that's right all right -- thank you have that's been over now the salmon tennis as well as such a surprising strength for so many -- in in April. In May now we would say -- -- -- Michigan fine I mean to be expected but in early march this heat is what fueled it this is the map everyone in the country is talking about take a look at this. 2000 record high temperatures since the first of march. I never even thought this was possible so that heat fuels those storms take a look at these pictures again now likely that the early warning and these people taking cover save their lives and what you'll notice some these storms as they will be. Less powerful than those storms that -- in Illinois and also into Kentucky. And Missouri that we were talking about just a few weeks ago this will probably be used to just -- an EF two. -- and we've got what 200 storm reports. Out of that system three tornadoes that kicked off in Michigan.

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{"id":15934656,"title":"Michigan Tornadoes: Homes Damaged and Destroyed","duration":"3:19","description":"Extremely rare twisters touched down right outside of Detroit.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-tornadoes-homes-damaged-destroyed-15934656","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}